Trouble in BoDeansland

What if they gave a breakup and nobody


By Perez Mills


Far be it from us
to dispense advice to professional musicians; they’re perfectly capable of
fucking up and deep-sixing their careers by themselves and don’t need any
assistance from the peanut gallery. It does occur, however, that airing one’s
dirty laundry – and being pissy about it, to boot – under the guise of serving
the fanbase is not the most salutary means by which to conduct oneself. It’s
transparently disingenuous, at best, and possibly smacks of blatant hubris. I
mean, c’mon; the line about chemotherapy (see below) is enough to make even
this jaded ol’ cynic-critic’s jaw drop.


In case you haven’t
heard: beloved (by some) heartland rockers the BoDeans have split up in the
wake of some sort of spat between founders Sam Llanas and Kurt Neumann – who
ARE, for all intents and purposes, The BoDeans. Undeterred, however, Neumann
will apparently soldier on under the name BoDeans, and he’s gonna make darn
sure that everyone knows that he’s not at fault here.


But don’t believe
us -the statement below was posted at the BoDeans’ Facebook page. Make of it what
you will. Maybe it will all turn out to be a belated April Fool’s joke, or
possibly something like that death hoax that The Dwarves pulled on Sub Pop
years ago. Whatevs. Take it away, Kurt.


When Sam failed to show up at last week’s
promotional events in Colorado,
we had to make quick decisions. Do we play? Do we leave? We decided it was best
to try to do what we had gone there to do-to put on the best show we could.
Once I knew he’d actually quit the band, I spent many sleepless nights,
thinking. Is this it? Can I reconcile myself with this being the end of
BoDeans? I thought about the fans. The people who’d danced at their weddings to
‘Good Things’ and ‘If It Makes You’. The people who have credited this music
with helping them get through chemotherapy. I realized then that BoDeans is not
about me and Sam. It’s about the music and the fans and the connection. I will
go on with BoDeans because of that. I know there are some who won’t agree with
it, and I understand. Change is hard-for all of us. But for those of you that
want to come out and see us play, we will be there. -Kurt Neumann



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