Rumblings & Rumors of Tom Waits Record



“Bad As Me” single
listed as arriving next week.


By Fred Mills


Last night Anti- Records, Tom Waits’ label, sent out a
cryptic email that read thusly:


“There have been rumblings and rumors. New music from
Tom Waits, you say? Come to on Tuesday August 23rd, and Mr. Waits himself will set the record straight.”


The message was concurrently posted to the News section of
Waits’ official website.
Coupled with an even more cryptic lyric/photo posting about a month ago, this made it obvious that something must be afoot, release-wise.
As a lot of folks have already noticed, last night at a new MP3
single (3:10 in length) from Waits titled “Bad As Me” was listed and slated for
an Aug. 23 arrival.


Waits’ last studio album of new material was 2004’s Real Gone, although since then there
have also been compilation and live releases. So let the p.r. campaign begin – and let’s hope that an album is
in the offing.



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