Report: Los Lonely Boys/Los Lobos in LA



At the Greek
Theatre in Los Angeles
on July 29, it was a Chicano rock party par, ahem, excellente.


Jose Martinez

night proved to be one of those special Southern California nights at the Greek
Theatre. It was a beautiful, cool summer evening under the stars as
Chicano-tinged rock filled the air.


school ‘veteranos’ Los Lobos, hardly “just another band from East L.A.” no
matter if that was the title of their 30-year old debut release, got the party
started right as its Spanish “Cumbia” music delighted the slightly older crowd.
Los Lobos has managed to consistently evolve artistically while never losing
sight of its humble beginnings. There is indeed more to the influential band
than “La Bamba”, which still manages to get the crowd off its feet. Its band’s
latest effort, Tin Can Trust continues
to stay true to its roots even though “Yo Canto” sounds a lot like “Cumbia
Raza”, but that didn’t seem to matter to the crowd.


Los Lonely Boys’ Henry and Ringo Garza joining on guitar and drums respectively
on the band’s final few numbers, the vibe really felt like a community effort,
and segued seamlessly into the Los Lonely Boys fiery set.


brothers Garza, including bassist JoJo, started their show with a long jam as
concertgoers made their way back to their seats, with ‘cervezas’ in hand. Los
Lonely Boys first studio release in three years, Rockpango is a Spanglish word coined by the band that translates
more or less to “rock party,” and that’s exactly what they delivered.


committed to playing the recorded versions of their songs, live, each selection
seemed to meander a bit into longer, yet impressive, versions. The good-natured
Texican jam fest came off as genuine and refreshing, and not the typical show
played out on a nightly basis. With Los Lobos guitarist David Hidalgo and Cesar
Rosas, and horn player Steve Berlin, joining for the encores, the circle seemed
complete, as the Greek was transformed into the perfect outdoor stage for
classic bar bands to play.




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