Report: David Kilgour Live in Portland


August 18 at the Bunk Bar, along with
Richard Buckner no less.


By Tim Hinely

It’s always a
special occasion when David Kilgour, of New Zealand legends The Clean,
comes to our fair country and when he does, you’d better have your calendar
clear.  This time Mr. Kilgour came over
with a pal Tony de Raad (of Kilgour’s band The Heavy Eights, who sat down and
played acoustic guitar the whole time) and his gorgeous-sounding 12-string
guitar and wooed and wowed the packed house at Bunk Bar. Kilgour played “In the
Dreamlife You Need a Rubber Soul” (off The Clean’s latest record, Mister Pop) as well as some old
chestnuts like “Spins You Round”, “Diamond Mine” and “Anything Can Happen”  (a 3-decade old Clean classic).


On the final
three songs of the set Kilgour and de Raad brought on former Chills/current
Black Watch guitarist Steven Schayer to add his 6-string elegance to the tunes
and elegance was certainly added as they (the tunes) were spellbinding.
Apparently Kilgour asked Schayer to play a few tunes at the L.A. gig and then asked him if he wanted to
do a handful more shows up the coast and Schayer happily obliged.


Again, if
Kilgour ever comes to your town roll out the red carpet for the guy, he plainly
deserves it.  He’s in Arlington,
VA, tonight
(Aug. 25), then in Brooklyn on the
27th and Boston
the 28th.


It had been a
number of years since I last saw Richard Buckner and he now resembles a cross
between a crazed, Native American drifter and a middle linebacker. The guy is
large and his long hair and dark tan make him look even more menacing. He
played several cuts off his latest record (Our
, on Merge Records) and had the still-packed house captivated. A true
American talent who has been pouring his heart out for two decades now.



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