Plaid Returns in Sept. w/New Album, Tour


Watch unusual new video below.


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electronic artists, film soundtrackers, former Björk band members and sonic
craftsmen Plaid have announced the release of ‘Scintilli‘, their new album on the Warp label, for release on
September 27th – followed by a worldwide tour including a special
album launch show in London.


the release of 2003’s ‘Spokes’, Plaid
have scored two of Michael Arias’ award-winning films, released ‘Greedy Baby’,
an ambitious audio-visual collaboration, continued to perform around the world
(including a landmark performance at Warp Records’ 20th birthday
celebrations) – and have now crafted a new album for release this Autumn. Hear
the first music from it, “35 Summers,” via a new video directed by Richie





in origin, the word ‘scintilli’ can be translated as ‘I am many sparks’. A
self-affirming mantra Plaid (aka Ed Handley and Andy Turner) claim to chant for
two hours every morning, before starting work in their newly built studio shed
in North London. Every beat of the work has
been carefully crafted: they’ve calculated that each beat has taken
approximately one day to construct – from the announcement of the laying down
of the first foundation beat in early 2009, to the rendering of the final decay
earlier this year. ‘This labor intensive process will guarantee long lasting
pieces of music that can withstand the restless tensions placed upon them by
modern playback devices’, they insist.


CD will be initially available in a ‘Muda na Mono’ puzzle pack, the name taken
from a Japanese phrase meaning ‘pointless object’. It contains two die-cut
rings and a CD which can be assembled as per the diagram above. If correctly
aligned, the sphere created allows the track titles to be read. The packaging
reflects a desire to give the CD an ornamental function, beyond its one use as
a basic storage device for music.



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