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Jon Stewart To Join Nirvana…



… in a conversation, natch! Will conduct Q&A
with the surviving members and producer on Sept. 24.


By Fred Mills


Nirvana- and Kurt Cobain-centric blogs are abuzz with the
news that on Sept. 24, the date of the 20th anniversary of Nevermind, raconteur Jon Stewart will
conduct a 2-hour interview session on SiriusXM Radio with erstwhile Nirvana
members Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl. Also present: producer Butch Vig. (via Pitchfork) Dubbed “SiriusXM Town
Hall With Nirvana,” it will be on the satellite radio channel 34 and will air
at 8pm ET.


If you subscribe to SiriusXM you can also enter a drawing to
receive tickets to the session.


Channel 34 (aka the “Lithium” channel or “Nevermind Radio”)
will also program nearly a week’s worth of Nirvana running from Sept. 23
through the 28th. This all coincides, of course, with the previously
announced Nevermind box set and
assorted other festivities marking the anniversary.


Novoselic, Grohl and
Vig pictured below, from the Foo Fighters’ Twitter account:


The Dark Magus Wants YOU!


Fan-sourced anthology
powered by the Facebook “Like” buttons. Miles Davis’ label also announces first
installment in a new “Bootleg Series” archival project.


By Blurt Staff


On August 1 Sony-Legacy launched “The Miles Davis Fan
Project,” an online initiative designed to introduce the music of the American
jazz composer-trumpeter-bandleader to a digital audience via Facebook ( and
the late legend’s website ( Throughout the month
Legacy has featured 40 classic Miles Davis tracks — representing multiple
aspects and phases of the iconic Davis
canon from the post-bop cool of Kind of Blue through the ferocious
fusion of Bitches Brew to the meditative Möbius cosmos of In a Silent
—  via SoundCloud and powered by RootMusic’s BandPage
application.  The tracks feature an active “Like” button which
prompts fans to ‘vote’.  By mid-August, more than twenty thousand
“Likes” had been cast on Facebook with some songs grabbing more than
twenty-five hundred “Likes.” 


The ten recordings accruing the Most “Likes” from
fans online will be assembled for Blue Flame, a fan-christened
digital-only album to be released on September 26, in time for the 20th anniversary of Davis’s
death on Sept. 28, 1991. (The album title was suggested by Jennifer Sammons of L.A., who noted, “I
was introduced to Miles Davis’ music by my Dad (D. J.) who was a huge fan. I
became further intrigued with Miles after seeing the actor Michael Wright portraying
him!  Upon reading Miles’ bio, I realized that listening
to his music is like taking an amazing journey through this musical
genius’ incredible life that began with that mystical magical ‘blue


In addition to A&R-ing the tracklist for “The Miles
Davis Fan Project” album, online fans are being invited to name the album,
create the art, and describe what Miles and his music means to them in personal
testimonials to be featured in a digital booklet coming with the online
release. The final tracklisting, sequencing and artwork for Blue Flame will be revealed on September 26.


Meanwhile, on September 20, Legacy will release Miles
Davis Quintet – Live In Europe 1967: The Bootleg Series Vol.1
the first offering in a series of rare and previously unreleased live
recordings from around the world from the legendary artist.


Chicago House Music Label Celebrates 25th


Two-disc package includes The Trax Records 25th Anniversary
Album + The House That Trax
Built DVD Documentary.



To celebrate 25 years in the business, on October 18, pioneering house
music label Trax Records will release a special two-disc collection showcasing
some of the label’s more underground and avant-garde tracks plus some new
material. In addition to a musical collection, the package includes a special
DVD documentary entitled The House That Trax Built, which tells the
story of Trax Records and explores the relationship (and growth) between house
music, the city of Chicago,
and the international music community and fans.



Trax Records: The 25th Anniversary Collection from Jorge Cruz on Vimeo.




The backstory:


One of house music’s pivotal moments can be traced to the year 1977,
when legendary DJ Larry Levan was preparing to open The Paradise Garage in New York City, a club
that would go on to be one of the most influential of all time. Busy with
details for the Garage, Levan had turned down an offer he received to open a
new club in Chicago.
He suggested to his friend Frankie Knuckles that he take the offer and move to Chicago to become
resident DJ of The Warehouse. Knuckles’ style of DJing wasn’t about merely
playing records consecutively; he brought New York’s
beat mixing style to Chicago
for the first time and made older soul tracks danceable by adding percussion
into the mix from a separate turntable. Some say that the term “house music”
was coined at the Warehouse to describe the unique style of music that Frankie
Knuckles played at the club. And so – house music was born in Chicago.


As house music grew in popularity and young artists started producing
tracks, there was a need for a label to cater to this new sound. Enter Trax
Records. Launched in December 1984 by Larry Sherman with Rachael Cain (a.k.a
Screamin’ Rachael), Jesse Saunders, and Vince Lawrence, when they convinced Sherman to press their
vinyl records on credit, and quickly returned with stacks of cash. It was on
Trax that the first house and acid house records were pressed and it was the
influence of these very records that changed the course of music history.


Since its inception Trax Records has released over 2,000 titles (and
counting), and first put iconic names such as Frankie Knuckles; Marshall
Jefferson; Mr. Fingers; Farley “Jackmaster” Funk; Adonis; Ralphie Rosario and Screamin’
Rachael on the map. The label has also released tracks from a who’s who of the
industry including DJ Rush, Armando, Joey Beltram, Ron Hardy, Robert Owens, Maurice
Joshua, Fast Eddie and many more. In 2011, with the resurgence of the hip-house
sound, Cain is working with emerging artists DJ Fade, MFTD feat DJ Swank &
vocalist Alyze, Professor Kliq & Ramova, and Tomiko Dixon, granddaughter of
Blues legend Willie Dixon, which are all leading up to Cain’s retrospective




1. Chuck Roberts – “In the Beginning”

2. Two Of A Kind – “Happiness”

3. Jamie Principle & Frankie Knuckles – “It’s A Cold World”

4. Mr. Lee – “I Can’t Forget”

5. Jungle Wonz – “Time Marches On”

6. Housemaster Boyz – “Trax You Lost”

7. Virgo – “Do You Know Who You Are?”

8. Hula – “Hot Hands”

9. Hercules – “Lost In The Groove”

10. DJ Rush – “Help”

11. Ralphi Rosario – “You Used to Hold Me 2011”
 vocal by Screamin’ Rachael, Remix by DJ Gem

Bonus Tracks:

12. George Clinton & Screamin’ Rachael – “Our House Is Funkatified”

13. ‘Hip That House’ featuring Bloodties



Eagles of Death Metal Guy Films Porn Vid


Pump Friction,American
Booty, The Devil Wears Nada, The Bangover, The Hills Have Thighs and more…


By Uncle Blurt


If Sept. 20 isn’t on your calendar, it will be now: that’s
when the new Boots Electric album, Honkey
, arrives via Dangerbird. Boots, of course, is otherwise known as Eagles
of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes, and to get you “in the mood” for the
release he’s filmed a suitably NSFW video for the track “Boots Electric Theme.”
Check it out, below – it’s a hoot, and self-explanatory once you start watching


You can also nab a free download of the song.



The label describes the album as Hughes “coming out of the
closet,” although we think they mean musically:  “A mix of glam-pop, keyboard-heavy dance grooves, and
Hughes’ signature brand of rock ‘n roll grit that drips with swagger.”


not just swagger he’s dripping in the video.


Watch New St. Vincent Video


Song comes from new
album, due in September.


By Blurt Staff


As previously announced, St. Vincent’s
new 4AD album Strange Mercy will
arrive on Sept. 13. Be watching for an exclusive interview with Annie Clark
right here at BLURT in the near future. Meanwhile, check out the video for
album track “Cruel,” directed by the Terri Timely group (aka Corey Creasey and
Ian Kibbey), who have worked with Clark on a number of other videos in the


Joe Lally for Rare US Tour


Promoting recent – and
amazing – solo album.


By Blurt Staff


Erstwhile Fugazi member Joe Lally recently issued a new album,
Why Should I Get Used To It (Tolotta-Dischord), his third solo release, and already one of the more
heavy-rotation platters here at BLURT this year. As our reviewer put it, in a
nine-star review


“There is no better stylist on the bass guitar in American
punk music than Joe Lally of Fugazi. His sharp, nimble and direct rhythm lines
were the absolute core of the DC legends’ distinctive sound. Eight years into
an indefinite hiatus from Fugazi, Lally continues to establish himself as a
formidable artist in his own right. While there’s a strong chance Fugazi may
never get back in the studio or on the road before Armagideon time, if Joe
Lally continues to veer into the direction he is going on this exceptional LP,
it will certainly serve as a fine respite from their sorely felt absence on the


Lally’s November tour starts in Austin, Texas
at the Fun Fun Fun Fest on Saturday, November 5th.  His band will feature
Lally on bass and vocals, Alison Chesley (Helen Money) on amplified cello and
Ricardo Lagomasino (The Sea Around Us, Many Arms) on drums. (For his tour dates
in Japan, Brazil, and Argentina in September and October,
his band features Elisa Abela on guitar and Fabio Chinca on drums.)

U.S. Tour Itinerary:

 Saturday, 11/5 at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX
 Sunday, 11/6 at Bryan Street Tavern in Dallas, TX
 Monday, 11/7 at ACM@UCO Performance in Oklahoma, OK
 Tuesday, 11/8 at Record Bar (Helen Money opens) in Kansas City, MO
Wednesday, 11/9 at Off Broadway (Helen Money opens) in St. Louis, MO
Thursday, 11/10 at Schubas Tavern (Helen Money opens) in Chicago, IL
Friday, 11/11 at Vernors Room (Helen Money opens) in Pontiac, MI
Saturday, 11/12 at Drake Hotel     in Toronto, ON
Sunday, 11/13 at Casa del Popolo (Helen Money opens) in Montreal, QC
Monday, 11/14 TBA
Tuesday, 11/15 at Great Scott in Allston, MA
Wednesday, 11/16 at Bar Night Club in New Haven, CT
Thursday, 11/17 at Knitting Factory (Helen Money opens) in Brooklyn, NY
Friday, 11/18 at Kung Fu Knecktie (Helen Money opens) in Philadelphia, PA
Saturday, 11/19 at Golden West Café (Helen Money opens) in Baltimore, MD
Sunday, 11/20 at Black Cat Backstage (Helen Money opens) in Washington, DC


New Ry Cooder LP Streaming Online


Album released next week. Do not miss.


By Blurt Staff


The new Ry Cooder album Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down (out Aug 30 on Nonesuch/Perro Verde)
has been in heavy rotation around the BLURT security compound for some time
now. It strikes a chord, as this label description may suggest: “The album confronts
our country’s corrupt financial system, its treatment of immigrants and the
working class, and more – and the sentiments are resonating on both sides of
the Atlantic.”


Boy howdy to that. We should have a review of it next
week, and meanwhile, has the entire album available for stream now.
Check it out.


[Photo Credit: Vincent Valdez]


Video: Don Fleming Sings About His Cock


Get your
mind outta the gutter, kids… you think this pop superstar would stoop to cheap
double entendres just to draw attention to his new record?


By Blurt Staff


As previously announced in this space, Don Fleming – you may have
heard of him; Velvet Monkeys, Gumball, B.A.L.L.; producer to Sonic Youth, Teenage Fanclub, Hole,
Screaming Trees, Posies, Andrew W.K. and Alice Cooper; etc. – has a new 4-song
EP’s worth of instant sonic mayhem not to be missed by the discriminating
hipster.  Don Fleming 4 includes collaborations with Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth,
Free Kitten), Julie Cafritz (Pussy Galore, Free Kitten) and R. Stevie Moore.


Among the
platter’s choice tracks: “Clockwork Cockwork,” featuring Cafritz on guitar. As
you shall see in the tender video rendering, below, it is not a tune to be
trifled with. Enjoy!



Report: Brian Wilson Live in Florida


August 5, at Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Fla.,
the legend essayed both Gershwin and the Beach Boys.


By Lee Zimmerman

What becomes a legend most? In
the case of Brian Wilson’s performance Friday night at hard Rock Live, it’s
somewhat hard to say.


Cynics might deride the fact
that at age 69, Brian still portends to be a battered soul. Sitting at his
keyboard last Friday night and playing to a rapt crowd, he seemed stiff and
somewhat robotic, his arms either dangling by his side or swinging with
exaggerated gestures, his hands making only occasional contact with the keys.
Clearly, the years have taken their toll. Overweight, looking frumpy, and often
staring expressionless (some might say even he appeared catatonic), his
comments between songs lacked spontaneity and appeared perfunctory (“This is a
Chuck Berry thing we do,” he said blankly while introducing “Dance Dance
Dance,” and “This is the first thing I ever wrote,” he dully mentioned prior to
“Surfer Girl,”) Likewise, he seems only a bit player relative to his superb
band, which basically does all the heavy lifting in terms of fleshing out those
gorgeous arrangements, supplying the lush harmonies and singing the falsettos
that Wilson can no longer muster. It’s their show, and by ceding the spotlight,
Brian often seems a figurehead, there to receive due homage. There were some
songs where he rarely sang at all, and only half that found playing… and when
he did doodle at the keys, the sound was nearly inaudible. Even the musician
intros were left to another — guitarist Jeffrey Foskett, the show’s de facto


Still, none of that seemed to
matter to diehard devotees. And for good reason. Wilson’s shell-shocked man/child persona is
as much a part of his famous persona as the incredible, heartfelt “teenage
anthems to God” he created and composed over the last half century. Despite his
battles with drugs, depression and personal despair – the cruel manipulations
of his overbearing father Murray, the loss of his two brothers Dennis and Carl,
his retreat from the world and subsequent subversion of personal psychiatrist
and Svengali, Dr. Eugene Landy – Wilson’s
dedication to his muse and determination to create those exceptional sounds are
more than cause for admiration. One of the greatest musical creators and
composers of the past half century, he’s long since earned due reverence,
despite the tolls taken on his psyche.


Besides, it’s the music that
matters most, and Friday night at the Hard Rock, it was the songs – those
glorious age of innocence incantations – that shone oh-so brightly. Culling
well over two-dozen Beach Boys classics and four from his latest album, Reimagines Gershwin (vigorously plugged
on at least a couple of occasions), Wilson
and his band generously covered several decades of his classic catalogue. While
there were some who would rue the exclusion of, say, “Caroline No” or “Surf’s
Up” or “In My Room,” the inclusion of such classics as “Help Me Rhonda,”
“California Girls,” “Wouldn’t It Be Nice,” “Darlin'” and, above all, “God Only
Knows,” perhaps the most beautiful song ever added to the pop lexicon, more
than made up for any deficiencies. Likewise, live performances of his two most
adventurous min suites, “Good Vibrations” and “Heroes and Villains” continue to
dazzle well over 40 years on.


Of course, due credit has to go
to the band itself, which long since has negated any need for an alternate
reunion of the Beach Boys, given the fact that Dennis and Carl have passed on,
Al Jardine has ventured out on his own (check out last year’s superb solo
album, A Postcard From California),
and the current Beach Boys incarnation fronted by Mike Love and Bruce Johnston
is little more than a cover outfit. Wilson’s current ten piece ensemble –
Wilson, Foskett, keyboardist Darian Sahanaja, percussionist Nelson Bragg,
drummer (and Palm Beach resident) Mike D’Amico, guitarist Nick Walusko,
multi-instrumentalist Probyn Gergory, bassist Brett Simon, keyboardist Scott
Bennett and Paul Mertens on horns -are more a part of Wilson’s collaborative
process than the Beach Boys in their prime, and their ability to fill in all the
nuances, nooks and crannies of those elaborate arrangements Wilson originally
labored over so feverishly in the studio and then embellish them accordingly is
a marvel to behold. The remarkable take on Gershwin’s “I Got Plenty of
Nothin’,” with the musicians switching from banjos to whistles to other nutty
accoutrements, was like peering on one of those infamous Smile sessions. Add the overwhelming sway of nostalgia (songs like
“Wouldn’t It Be Nice” and “Help Me Rhonda” still ripple through teenage memories),
and the songs can’t help but stamp an indelible impression.


As mentioned, Wilson himself
was fairly stoic the entire time, and looked rather fragile as he lumbered off
during the break and later, shuffled back for the encore, giving a grand bow
before he unceremoniously shuffled off the stage. An old school showman, he may
be living off his legend, but he still seems clearly in touch with his music,
especially when the band’s in full stride. Songs end with grand flourishes and
the set list is arranged as an oldies show, one clearly designed to give his
audience all they might desire.


Then too, just for a moment,
when he strapped on his bass during the encore, he actually looked like the
Beach Boy Brian of old. Despite his foibles, quirks and eccentricities, the
audience still gets the man they know and love. Ultimately, it’s the
opportunity to witness genius – in all his rumpled glory, through past, present
and for all time — that made that two hour encounter so memorable and amazing.


Set List


California Girls
Dance Dance Dance
Catch A Wave
Little Deuce Coup
Surfer Girl
Please Let Me Wonder
Row Row Row Your Boat
Don’t Worry Baby
Salt Lake City
Do You Wanna Dance
Do It Again
I Get Around
— Intermission —
I Got Plenty of Nothin’ (instrumental)
They Can’t Take That Away From Me
I Got Rhythm
Nothing But Love
Add Some Music To Your Day
The Little Girl I Once Knew
Sail On Sailor
Sloop John B
Wouldn’t It Be Nice
God Only Knows
Heroes and Villains
Good Vibrations
— Encore -=
Johnny B Goode
Help Me Rhonda
Barbara Ann
Surfin’ USA
Fun Fun Fun

MP3: Exclusive New Jonathan Coulton Song


November album features Suzanne Vega, John Roderick and Sara Quin. Check out
“Good Morning Tucson”
from the upcoming album, below.


By Blurt Staff


Jonathan Coulton speaks to the outcast in all of us. His
full length album, Artificial Heart,
is due out on November 8th – it’s his first album of all new material since his infamous 2006 “Thing A Week” series, during which he
created 52 musical pieces in 52 weeks. And for those of you who can’t wait, it’ll be unveiled digitally early, in September, via the usual retailers.


In addition to They Might Be Giants’ John Flansburgh
producing his record, Coulton is kicking off a national US tour with
TMBG this Fall.  Artificial Heart touts
special guests including Suzanne Vega, John Roderick of The Long Winters
and Sara Quin of Tegan and Sara.  


Coulton is thrilled to release the new “Good
Morning Tucson” MP3.  A highly singable pop song, “Good Morning
Tucson” is about an aging morning news anchor who one day finally loses
it. Give it a listen exclusively today on BLURT!






Tour Dates:


09/02: Atlanta,
GA @ Variety Playhouse #

09/08: New Haven,
CT @ Toad’s Place #

09/09: Great Barrington,
MA @ Mahaiwe Theatre #

09/10: Concord, NH @ Capitol
Center for the Arts #

09/11: Norwich, VT @ Upper
Valley Events
Center #

09/13: Ithaca,
NY @ State Theater #

09/14: Pittsburgh,
PA @ Byham Theater #

09/15: Rochester,
NY @ Harro East Ballroom #

09/16: Cleveland,
OH @ Beachland Ballroom #

09/17: Detroit,
MI @ Majestic Theatre #

09/18: Grand Rapids,
MI @ Intersection #

09/20: Cincinnati, OH @ Southgate
House #

09/22: Indianapolis,
IN @ The Vogue #

09/23: Chicago,
IL @ Riviera Theatre #

09/24: St. Louis,
MO @ The Pageant #

09/25: Tulsa,
OK @ Cain’s Ballroom #

09/27: Nashville,
TN @ Cannery Ballroom #

09/28: Asheville, NC @ The Orange
Peel #

09/29: Richmond,
VA @ The National #

09/30: Philadelphia,
PA @ Theatre of Living Arts #

11/04: Salt Lake
City, UT @ The Depot

11/05: Boise,
ID @ Knitting Factory #

11/06: Spokane,
WA @ Knitting Factory #

11/08: Vancouver,
BC @ Venue #

11/09: Seattle,
WA @ Showbox SoDo #

11/10: Portland, OR @ Crystal
Ballroom #

11/11: Arcata,
CA @ Van Duzer Theatre #

11/12: San
Francisco, CA @
Fillmore #

11/13: San
Francisco, CA @
Fillmore #

11/16: Anaheim,
CA @ House of Blues #

11/17: Solana Beach,
CA @ Belly Up Tavern #


# = w/ They Might Be Giants



[Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez]