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By Fred Mills


Chunklet ‘zine/blog
announced this morning that they were prepping to reissue indie legend Olivia
Tremor Control’s 1996 album Music From the Unrealized Film Script: Dusk at
Cubist Castle
and 1999’s Black Foliage: Animation Music Vol 1. as
expanded/deluxe vinyl editions. They will be available in editions of 1000
copies, with 200 of them pressed on green vinyl. According to the Chunklet folks:


Chunklet is reissuing Dusk
At Cubist Castle
and Black
on deluxe vinyl gatefold for the first time since their original
release. Super sturdy Stoughton
tip-on jackets, tons of great artwork and Black
was completely remastered from the original tapes (and sounds 100x
better).  There’s also a special
Dusk/Foliage/t-shirt bundle
available until the record’s actual release.

The band has also been generous in opening their tape vaults to give fans over
3 hours of rare/unreleased/live material between the two releases via download
card. I’m beyond excited to be working with the Olivias again, and I hope you
enjoy all the hard work we’ve put into making this something special for old
and new fans alike.


Three hours of
rare/unreleased stuff – wow. You can check out the respective tracklists, below,
along with tour dates coming up for the band.



Music From the Unrealized Film Script: Dusk at Cubist

1 The Opera House
2 Frosted Ambassador
3 Jumping Fences
4 Define a Transparent Dream
5 No Growing (Exegesis)
6 Holiday Surprise 1, 2, 3
7 Courtyard
8 Memories of Jacqueline 1906
9 Tropical Bells
10 Can You Come Down With Us?
11 Marking Time
12-21 Green Typewriters Suite

22 Spring Succeeds
23 Theme for a Very Delicious Grand Piano
24 I Can Smell the Leaves
25 Dusk at Cubist
26 The Gravity Car
27 NYC-25


Download card:

1-9 Explanation II: Instrumental Themes and Dream Sequences (Bonus
disc originally included with the CD version of this album. All nine cycles
include environmental sounds [crickets, rain, dogs, etc.] recorded on a
four-track recorder over two evenings outside the band’s house.)

B-sides to the 1996 UK
single “The Opera House”, meant to be played simultaneously on two
different sound systems for quadraphonic effect:

10 Black Swan Network (with Capillary Radar)
11 Black Swan Network (with Enveloping Bicycle Folds)

B-sides to the 1997 UK
single “Jumping Fences”:

12 Optical Atlas
13 Language of Stationary Travelers
14 Green Typewriters

Tracks from the 1998 compilation Smiling Pets in Japan:

15 Do You Like Worms?
(Do You Dig Worms?)
16 Little Pad



Black Foliage: Animation Music Vol. 1:

1 Opening
2 A Peculiar Noise Called ‘Train Director’
3 Combinations
4 Hideaway
5 Black Foliage (Animation 1)
6 Combinations
7 The Sky Is a Harpsichord Canvas
8 A Sleepy Company
9 Grass Canons
10 A New Day
11 Combinations
12 Black Foliage (Animation 2)
13 I Have Been Floated
14 Paranormal Echoes
15 Black Foliage (Animation 3)
16 A Place We Have Been To
17 Black Foliage (Itself)
18 The Sylvan Screen
19 The Bark and Below It
20 Black Foliage (Animation 4)
21 California Demise (3)
22 Looking for Quiet Seeds
23 Combinations
24 Mystery
25 Another Set of Bees in the Museum
26 Black Foliage (Animation 5)
27 Hilltop Procession (Momentum Gaining)


Download card:


1 The Sky Is a Harpsichord Canvas [full version] 
2 Beaker and Avalanche, Part 1
3 Beaker and Avalanche, Part 2

B-sides to the 1988 UK
single “Hideaway”:

4 Combinations (live at GLR Radio) 
5 Can You Come Down With Us? (live at GLR Radio)

Unreleased live session:

6 A Sleepy Company (live at GLR Radio 1998)

Track from the 2000 compilation More Music, Less Parking: WFMU Live from New Jersey:

7 Outside Explorations, Pt. 3

Track from the 2000 compilation Rabid Chords 002: Tribute to the Velvet

8 European Son

Track from the 2000 compilation Keep Left: David Barsamian (Alternative
Radio), Vol. 1

9 Glass Beard

Live on NPR:

10 California
11 Grass Canons
12 Can You Come Down With Us?
13 Hideaway
14 A Peculiar Noise Called ‘Train Director’

Tracks from the 2000 7″ Black Swan Network:

15 Grains and Sauces/Ice and Rings/Aqua Waters (and a Pear Shaped
16 The Present Time/Seven Thousand Luminous Aches and Pains/The Dinner Plate



Tour Dates:

8-29 New Orleans, LA – One Eyed Jacks
8-31 Austin, TX – Mohawk *
9-03 Los Angeles, CA – FYF Fest
9-05 San Francisco, CA – Great American Music Hall *
9-08 Seattle, WA – Vera Project *
9-09 Portland, OR – The Someday Lounge *
9-12 Minneapolis, MN – Varsity Theatre *
9-13 Chicago, IL – Bottom Lounge *
9-14 Columbus, OH – Wexner Center *
9-15 Pittsburgh, PA – The Warhol at New Hazlett Theatre *
9-16 Toronto, Ontario – Lee’s Palace *
9-17 Montreal, Quebec – Il Motore *
9-19 Allston, MA – Brighton Music Hall
9-21 New York – Le Poisson Rouge *
9-23 Philadelphia, PA – UPENN Rotunda *
9-24 Durham, NC – The Casbah *
10-11-15 Athens, GA – Athens PopFest
12-02-04 Minehead, England – ATP Festival

* with The Music Tapes



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