Mitch Easter's Guitars Stolen

7 choice guitars, many of them vintage, lifted in the theft.

By Blurt Staff

By way of a public service announcement: Blurt buddy, veteran producer and erstwhile Let’s Active frontman Mitch Easter recently had a slew of valuable guitars stolen. one of them, the Fender XII, has been his since childhood. Easter, who operates his recording studio in Kernersville, NC, is hoping someone will spot some or all of these and get in touch. Contact: Alex Maiolo, . And please circulate this list.

1. G&L L-2000 bass, natural, 1980-1 version (Fender headstock) (USA) 

Jerry Jones Longhorn Bass, aquaburst, ser. no. 046706 recent (USA) 

Fender pink paisley Stratocaster, 2004 (Japan) 

Fender rosewood- body Telecaster, rosewood fretboard, 2003 (Mexico) 

Fender Electric XII, Olympic White w/tortoise pickguard, 1966 (USA) 

Kay 6-string acoustic, 1962, rebuilt by Scott Baxendale, red sunburst (USA) 

Guild S-60, black, 1979 (USA) 



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