Los Campesinos! Prep New LP for Nov.


Third time should be
the charm with producer John Goodmanson.


By Blurt Staff


Arts & Crafts will release Cardiff,
band Los Campesinos! New album Hello
on November 15th.  Recorded earlier this year in Girona, Spain by
producer John Goodmanson – responsible for the septet’s previous two albums,
2008’s We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed and 2010’s Romance is BoringHello Sadness features “ten songs of
love, loss and heartbreak… an honest, bare-bones documentation of two people
breaking up and trying not to break up in the process.”


Depending on how you grab the record (it’s already up for
pre-order at the band’s site) you can also be the proud recipient of a limited
edition DVD containing a documentary on the band and a bonus CD called Hold On Now, Youngster… The Demos featuring never before heard demos from the first L.C. album.



The band: Gareth Campesinos! (vocals), Tom Campesinos!
(guitar), Neil Campesinos! (guitar), Kim Campesinos! (keyboard/vocals), Jason
Campesinos! (drums), Rob Campesinos! (keyboard/guitar) and Ellen Campesinos!


Here’s what the label has to day about the record. Track
listing follows.



Ever present are the
wry observations, the razor-sharp wordplay and the band’s varied
instrumentation, combined with some of the saddest, world-weary confessionals Los
Campesinos! have ever recorded. Indeed,
Hello Sadness is wise beyond its years, exhibited not only in the sincerity, poetry
and honesty of its lyrical content, but by the instrumental dynamics of its
songs: a band that previously all put their foot on the accelerator pedal at
once, a key element of their high octane sound, have learned how to take turns
and let each other drive. Yes, things are still loud and upbeat. Yes, lead
vocalist Gareth Campesinos! still tells it like it is. Yes, theirs is still the
perfect middle ground between punk rock, indie pop, Morrissey and The Fall’s
Mark E. Smith. But each instrument has a settled place; each song sounds
incredibly confident in its aim and abilities. The result is a band that has
never sounded more together while detailing the impact of a relationship
falling apart.


At just ten songs and
forty minutes, Hello Sadness is perhaps the first Los Campesinos! album that
sounds lean and pruned, indulgence shorn away and filler ruthlessly
excised.  Opener “By Your Hand” envisions death at the hand of a lover – a
perfect tune for setting the album’s tone and theme into place – while songs
like “Baby I Got The Death Rattle” and “Light Leaves, Dark Sees Pt. II” come
from a raw, uncertain place that, in their confusion of emotions, feels more
authentic than previous Los Campesinos! recordings.  This is bolstered by
the band’s own voices – singing together at least once one every song – as a
unified message of hope, dismay and need.  It’s a confessional feel that’s
intensified in places by whispers of incidental sound – the rattle of rain,
distant radio, the hiss of room microphones – and snatches of Dictaphone,
captured by Gareth in a lonely or introspective moment.  It’s an album
whose very purpose and complexion changed dramatically when, on the eve of
recording, the end of a relationship meant every word that had been penned
before had to be rewritten.  More heart-on-sleeve than ever before,
Sadness is Los Campesinos! at their very





By Your Hand

Songs About Your Girlfriend

Hello Sadness

Life Is A Long Time

Every Defeat A Divorce (Three Lions)

Hate For The Island

The Black Bird, The Dark Slope

To Tundra

Baby I Got The Death Rattle

Light Leaves, Dark Sees Pt. II



[Photo Credit: Jon Bergman]




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