Jon Stewart To Join Nirvana…



… in a conversation, natch! Will conduct Q&A
with the surviving members and producer on Sept. 24.


By Fred Mills


Nirvana- and Kurt Cobain-centric blogs are abuzz with the
news that on Sept. 24, the date of the 20th anniversary of Nevermind, raconteur Jon Stewart will
conduct a 2-hour interview session on SiriusXM Radio with erstwhile Nirvana
members Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl. Also present: producer Butch Vig. (via Pitchfork) Dubbed “SiriusXM Town
Hall With Nirvana,” it will be on the satellite radio channel 34 and will air
at 8pm ET.


If you subscribe to SiriusXM you can also enter a drawing to
receive tickets to the session.


Channel 34 (aka the “Lithium” channel or “Nevermind Radio”)
will also program nearly a week’s worth of Nirvana running from Sept. 23
through the 28th. This all coincides, of course, with the previously
announced Nevermind box set and
assorted other festivities marking the anniversary.


Novoselic, Grohl and
Vig pictured below, from the Foo Fighters’ Twitter account:


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