Flaming Lips Lighting Rig Falls at Show


Luckily no one was seriously


By Fred Mills


Saturday at Tulsa’s
Brady District Block Party Music Festival a lighting rig collapsed just prior
to the Flaming Lips’ headlining set. It was caused by heavy winds that
accompanied a rain storm that came through the area, and while there were
apparently no injuries other than small cuts it’s estimated that something in
the neighborhood of $800,000
worth of gear may have been damaged.


Wayne Coyne, at the scene and working to clear the stage of
equipment, was quoted as telling reporters, “The Oklahoma wind and rain
was a little bit more unpredictable than we had hoped, and we had a bad gust.
The whole thing is shambolic and a bit dangerous and we’re working to get as
much off of the stage before we get hit with the second wave.”


He subsequently tweeted about the incident and posted a
number of pictures, including the one above:


waynecoyne FUCK!!!!
Wind and rain destroyed the stage !!!!! twitpic.com/626o8p twitpic.com/626o8n



waynecoyne Show
is cancelled!!!! Devastation!!! twitpic.com/626owz twitpic.com/626ox1



waynecoyne Thought
we were gonna die!!! The only injury that I saw twitpic.com/626qfi twitpic.com/626qfr twitpic.com/626qgl

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