Conrad Schnitzler R.I.P. 1937-2011


Tangerine Dream/Kluster electronic music pioneer and
Krautrock avatar leaves behind a massive body of work.


By Fred Mills


Influential – and prolific –
German electronic music pioneer Conrad Schnitzler passed away on August 4
following a battle with stomach cancer.


An early member of synth
legends Tangerine Dream and a founding member (along with Hans-Joachim
Roedelius and Dieter Moebius) of Kluster, aka Cluster, Schnitzler had
studied under Karlheinz Stockhausen before embarking upon a long and fruitful
career in electronic music. He’s considered one of the pioneering personalities
in Krautrock – admittedly a broad genre – and released scores upon scores of
. Shortly before his death he issued 00/830.


Schnitzler was an influence on everyone from Brian Eno to


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