Acid House Kings Meet TV Personalities


Music just sounds
better with Dan Treacy….


By Blurt Staff


Acid House Kings team up with the Television Personalities’
mainman Dan Treacy: together they’ve recorded the gorgeous gem “Heaven Knows I
Miss Him Now” with Treacy on lead vocals and fellow TVP-member Texas
Bob on guitar. The single contains two new recordings and is out on 7″ vinyl
and digital on October 18th via Labrador.


It’s the unexpected followup to the AHK 2011 album Music Sounds Better With You. The band’s
Johan Angergard offers the following testimonial:



I’ve loved Television Personalities for over 20 years
now and it’s still one of my favorite bands throughout all times. I guess the
fact that my other band Club 8 has stolen two album titles from them gives a
hint of my admiration…

Television Personalities are, in my opinion, one of ridiculously few bands
who continue writing songs that are every bit as emotional and ‘now’ as they
were 30 years ago. Just listen to “The Girl In The Hand Me Down
Clothes” and “She’s My Yoko” from “A Memory Is Better Than
Nothing”. If that doesn’t move you, you just don’t have a heart.

Television Personalities continue to be as interesting today as they were
in the beginning of their career. And that is something I dearly wish I could
say about more of my old heroes. Depeche Mode, The Cure…. hell, even Morrissey
is starting to bore me! Dan Treacy is the only one left. It’s nothing less than
overwhelming that we’ve gotten the chance to collaborate with him.


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