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Beach Boys’ SMiLE Date, Tracklisting



You know you’re gonna
buy the 5-disc version…


By Fred Mills


Back in March it was announced that after all these years
the Beach Boys’ legendary unreleased SMiLE album was finally going to see an official release. Brian Wilson, of
course, resurrected it in recent years in concert, but aside from several
bootleg iterations (including a limited edition box that became a best-seller
on the underground market), it’s never truly seen the light of day in a
sanctioned format. Yesterday Capitol/EMI disclosed the release date: November


The SMiLE Sessions will
come in multiple formats, including a standard 2CD edition and a deluxe 5CD
version (which boasts vinyl goodies and a hardbound book). That’s really all
you need to know if you are a Beach Boys and Wilson freak. But for your
edification, below is the full, lengthy press release the label issued
outlining the project and listing all the tracks. (If you’ve got the bootleg box it’s fascinating to compare the two sets’ tracklistings to see what session material was chosen and what was omitted.) Watch for full coverage from
BLURT, and meanwhile, start salivating.




From Capitol/EMI:


With the full
participation of original Beach Boys
Al Jardine, Mike Love, and Brian
Wilson, Capitol/EMI has, for the first time, collected and compiled the band’s
legendary 1966-’67 sessions for the never-completed SMiLE album. 
Capitol/EMI and The Beach Boys are pleased to announce November 1 (October 31
internationally) as the release date for the long-awaited arrival of The SMiLE
Sessions in multiple physical and digital configurations. Artwork and complete
tracklists are also unveiled for what Rolling Stone magazine recently called
“the most famous unfinished album in rock & roll history.”


In numerous sessions between the spring of 1966 and the
summer of 1967, The Beach Boys recorded a bounty of songs and drafts for an
album, SMiLE, that was intended to follow the band’s 1966 masterpiece, Pet
Sounds.  The master tapes were ultimately shelved, and The Beach Boys’ SMiLE
has never been released.  Drawn from the original masters, The SMiLE
Sessions presents an in-depth overview of The Beach Boys’ recording sessions
for the enigmatic album, which has achieved legendary, mythical status for
music fans around the world. 


The SMiLE Sessions’
lift-top box, double vinyl LP, digital album, and iTunes LP formats
feature an approximation of what was intended to be the completed SMiLE album,
compiled from The Beach Boys’ original session masters. Additional session
highlights and bonus tracks are also included, including demos and stereo


An expanded, boxed
edition of The SMiLE Sessions
will also be released physically and
digitally, featuring the main SMiLE album tracks, plus four CDs of additional
audio from the legendary sessions, a double vinyl LP set, and two 7″ vinyl
singles.  The deluxe box will also contain a 60-page hardbound book with
rare and previously unseen photos and memorabilia from The Beach Boys’ archive
and newly-written essays by Beach Boys Al Jardine, Mike Love, Brian Wilson, and
Bruce Johnston, as well as by Beach Boys historian and author Domenic Priore
and many other inner-circle participants.


Produced by Brian Wilson, Mark Linett, Alan Boyd and Dennis
Wolfe in Los Angeles,
all of The SMiLE Sessions’ physical and digital configurations include an
assembled collection of core session tracks, while the box set delves much
deeper into the sessions, adding early song drafts, alternate takes,
instrumental and vocals-only mixes, and studio chatter. The SMiLE Sessions
invites the listener into the studio to experience the album’s creation, with
producer, singer and bassist Brian Wilson’s vision leading the way as he guides
his fellow Beach Boys, singer Mike Love, drummer Dennis Wilson, lead guitarist
Carl Wilson, rhythm guitarist Al Jardine, and newest member Bruce Johnston (who’d
replaced Brian Wilson in the touring group during 1965), through the legendary


Artwork for all of The SMiLE Sessions’ physical and digital
configurations has been created with and inspired by Beat-Pop artist Frank
Holmes’ original 1967 LP sleeve art and booklet designs intended for the SMiLE album. 
With its three-dimensional shadowbox lid, The SMiLE Sessions box set offers a
whimsical peek inside the storied ‘SMiLE Shop.’ 


Several special SMiLE
Sessions packages
will be available for purchase exclusively on, including:


– The SMiLE Sessions 2CD edition paired with a limited
edition SMiLE t-shirt

– The SMiLE Sessions 2CD edition paired with a limited
edition autographed lithograph

– The SMiLE Sessions limited edition box set with light-up SMiLE
Shop window on lid, autographed

– The SMiLE Sessions limited edition box set with light-up SMiLE
Shop window on lid, autographed, paired with a custom-made SMiLE surfboard by


The Beach Boys are
embracing technology and crowdsourcing
to produce the first official music
videos for “Good Vibrations” and “Heroes And Villains” by
partnering with Tongal, the leading creative social platform.  In Tongal’s
first-ever music video initiative, fans can now collaborate to create the
official music videos, as the project begins today (August 30) on,
and consists of two phases – a concept phase and a video phase.  The
concept phase calls for fans to conceptualize the music video for “Heroes and
Villains” or “Good Vibrations” in 250 characters or less. In the video phase,
Tongal users can select one of the five winning concepts from phase one and
produce a music video based on it.  The video can be animated or
live-action, trippy or classic – it can be whatever the fans want, as long as
it’s their own.  Cash prizes and special items, including an autographed
custom Hobie longboard, will be awarded to Tongal users for the top


The SMiLE Sessions box
set will include details about Operation Smile,
an international medical
charity organization with a presence in more than 60 countries dedicated to
healing children’s smiles. Since 1982, Operation Smile – through the help of
generous supporters and medical volunteers – has provided free surgeries
worldwide for children born with facial deformities such as cleft lips and
cleft palates. Every three minutes, a child somewhere in the world is born with
a cleft. For more information on how to be involved or donate to Operation
Smile, please visit or
call 1-888-OPSMILE (888-677-6453).


The best efforts have
been taken by The Beach Boys
, the producers, and Capitol/EMI to present the
SMiLE album sessions’ most vital and fascinating elements.  However, there
will no doubt be some debate amongst Beach Boys fans around the world who,
during the past four decades, have become familiar with a variety of
widely-traded bootlegged bits and pieces from the sessions.  As recently
explained by the Detroit Metro Times, “No album, released or not, has generated
a more personal relationship with its audience, since no two people can ever
agree on its content and purpose.”


Beginning with “Good Vibrations,” The Beach Boys’
best-selling record in a long string of hits, Brian Wilson had begun to
construct songs in a modular form, crafting individual sections that would
later be edited together to form a coherent whole.  In several intense
bursts of creative energy, Wilson, drawing on
the talents of the finest studio musicians in Los Angeles and utilizing the best studio
facilities available on any given day, laid down dozens of musical fragments,
all designed to fit together in any number of possible combinations.  No
one had done this before in pop music, and his next endeavor would be an
album-length version of this unique and luxurious songwriting parlance: SMiLE.


In 1965, Brian Wilson met an up-and-coming session keyboard
player and songwriter, Van Dyke Parks. Noticing Parks’ conversational
eloquence, Wilson
felt that he could help to volley The Beach Boys’ songwriting into the wave of
broader-messaged and socially-conscious rock ‘n’ roll that would come to define
the ’60s.  They were soon collaborating on keynote songs for SMiLE,
including “Heroes And Villains,” the band’s follow-up single to “Good
Vibrations.”  Wilson and Parks would also co-write “Surf’s Up,”
“Vega-Tables,” “Cabin Essence,” “Do You Like Worms,” “Wonderful,” “Wind
Chimes,” and other pieces of the SMiLE tapestry.  Parks also introduced
Frank Holmes to create album sleeve art and a booklet interpreting the album’s
James Joyce-mode lyrics.


The reason SMiLE did not see a release in 1967 had more to
do with back room business that obscured the creative side of the program than
anything else.  In late 1966, The Beach Boys formed Brother Records,
initially to produce outside artists.  Soon, however, The Beach Boys would
become embroiled in a court action with Capitol Records with the goal to become
the top-selling artists on their self-owned, independent label.  The group
withheld “Heroes And Villains” and announced they would instead release “Vega-Tables”
– recorded with the band’s own money in April of ’67 – on Brother
Records.  By July of 1967, Capitol Records and The Beach Boys had come to
terms, with Capitol agreeing to distribute the band’s Brother Records, and it
was agreed that SMiLE was no longer to be the band’s next album.




The SMiLE Sessions
(2CD; Digital; iTunes LP)




1.         Our
Prayer (1:06)

2.         Gee

3.         Heroes
And Villains (4:53)

4.         Do You
Like Worms
(Roll Plymouth Rock) (3:36)

5.         I’m In
Great Shape (0:29)

6.         Barnyard

7.         My Only
Sunshine (The Old Master Painter / You Are My Sunshine) (1:57)

8.         Cabin
Essence (3:32)

9.         Wonderful

10.        Look (Song For
Children) (2:31)

11.        Child Is
Father Of The Man (2:14)

12.        Surf’s Up

13.        I Wanna Be
Around / Workshop (1:23)

14.        Vega-Tables

15.        Holidays

16.        Wind Chimes

17.        The Elements:
Fire (Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow) (2:35)

18.        Love To Say
Dada (2:32)

19.        Good
Vibrations (4:13)

Bonus Tracks

20.        You’re Welcome

21.        Heroes And Villains
(Stereo Mix) (4:53)

22.        Heroes And
Villains Sections (Stereo Mix) (7:16)

23.        Vega-Tables
Demo (1:46)

24.        He Gives
Speeches (1:14)

25.        Smile Backing
Vocals Montage (8:30)

26.        Surf’s Up 1967
(Solo Version) (4:09)

27.        Psycodelic Sounds:
Brian Falls Into A Piano (1:30)



1.    Our Prayer “Dialog”
(9/19/66)   (3:02)

2.    Heroes And Villains: Part 1  

3.    Heroes And Villains: Part 2  

4.    Heroes And Villains: Children Were
Raised (1/27/67)   (2:07)

5.    Heroes And Villains: Prelude To Fade
(2/15/67)   (3:42)

6.    My Only Sunshine (11/14/66)  

7.    Cabin Essence (10/3/66)  

8.    Surf’s Up: 1st Movement
(11/4/66)   (4:55)

9.    Surf’s Up: Piano Demo
(12/15/66)   (3:53)

10.   Vega-Tables: Fade (4/12/67) 

11.   The Elements: Fire session
(11/28/66)   (8:27)

12.   Cool, Cool Water (Version 2)
(10/26-10/29/67)   (3:32)

13.   Good Vibrations Session
Highlights   (8:20)



The SMiLE Sessions
Box Set (5CD+Double LP+Two 7″ Singles; digital)




1.         Our
Prayer (1:06)

2.         Gee

3.         Heroes
And Villains (4:53)

4.         Do You
Like Worms
(Roll Plymouth Rock) (3:36)

5.         I’m In
Great Shape (0:29)

6.         Barnyard

7.         My Only
Sunshine (The Old Master Painter / You Are My Sunshine) (1:57)

8.         Cabin
Essence (3:32)

9.         Wonderful

10.        Look (Song For
Children) (2:31)

11.        Child Is
Father Of The Man (2:14)

12.        Surf’s Up

13.        I Wanna Be
Around / Workshop (1:23)

14.        Vega-Tables

15.        Holidays

16.        Wind Chimes

17.        The Elements:
Fire (Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow) (2:35)

18.        Love To Say
Dada (2:32)

19.        Good
Vibrations (4:13)

Bonus Tracks

20.        You’re Welcome

21.        Heroes And
Villains (Stereo Mix) (4:53)

22.        Heroes And
Villains Sections (Stereo Mix) (7:16)

23.        Vega-Tables
Demo (1:46)

24.        He Gives
Speeches (1:14)

25.        Smile Backing
Vocals Montage (8:30)

26.        Surf’s Up 1967
(Solo version) (4:09)

27.        Psycodelic Sounds:
Brian Falls Into A Piano (1:30)





1.         Our
Prayer “Dialog” (9/19/66)  (3:01)

2.         Our
Prayer (10/4/66)  (6:37)


Heroes And Villains Session (10/20/66)

3.         Heroes
And Villains: Verse (Master Take) (0:57)

4.         Heroes
And Villains: Barnyard (Master Take) (1:12)

5.         Heroes
And Villains: I’m In Great Shape (10/27/66) (4:59) 

6.         Heroes
And Villains: Intro (Early Version) circa 12/66 (0:35)

Heroes And Villains Session (1/3/67)

7.         Heroes And
Villains: Do A Lot (0:53)

8.         Heroes
And Villains: Bag Of Tricks (2:58)

9.         Heroes
And Villains: Mission Pak (0:55)

10.        Heroes And
Villains: Bridge To Indians (1:47)

11.        Heroes And
Villains: Part 1 Tag (1:19)

12.        Heroes And
Villains: Pickup To 3rd Verse (0:55)

Heroes And Villains Session (1/27/67)

13.        Heroes And
Villains: Children Were Raised (2:07)

14.        Heroes And
Villains: Part 2 (Cantina track) (1:21)

15.        Heroes And
Villains: Whistling Bridge (1:14)

16.        Heroes And
Villains: Cantina (1:36)

17.        Heroes And
Villains: All Day (2:19)

18.        Heroes And
Villains: Verse Edit Experiment (0:48)

Heroes And Villains Session (2/15/67)

19.        Heroes And
Villains: Prelude to Fade (3:43)

20.        Heroes And
Villains: Piano Theme (2:43)

Heroes And Villains Session (2/20/67)

21.        Heroes And
Villains: Part 2 (2:31)

22.        Heroes And
Villains: Part 2 (Gee) (Master Take) (2:36)

23.        Heroes And
Villains: Part 2 Revised (1:54)

24.        Heroes And
Villains: Part 2 Revised (Master Take) (0:48)

25.        Heroes And Villains:
Part 3 (Animals) (Master Take) (1:18)

26.        Heroes And
Villains: Part 4 (2:36)

27.        Heroes And
Villains: Part Two (Master Take) (2/27/67) (1:44)

28.        Heroes And
Villains: Fade (2/28/67) (6:35)

Heroes And Villains Session (3/1/67)

29.        Heroes And
Villains: Verse Remake (4:16)

30.        Heroes And
Villains: Organ Waltz / Intro (2:04)

Heroes And Villains Session (6/14/67)

31.        Heroes And
Villains: Chorus Vocals (0:48)

32.        Heroes And
Villains: Barbershop (1:50)

33.        Heroes And
Villains: Children Were Raised (Remake) (1:06)

34.        Heroes And
Villains: Children Were Raised (Master Take Overdubs Mix 1) (0:26)

35.        Heroes And
Villains: Children Were Raised (Master Take A Capella) (0:27)

Bonus Tracks

36.        Heroes And
Villains Piano Demo (incorporating “I’m In Great Shape” and “Barnyard”) Brian
with Van Dyke Parks and “Humble Harve” Miller, KHJ Radio (11/4/66) (4:17)

37.        Psycodelic
Sounds:  Brian
Falls Into A Microphone
(11/4/66) (1:10)

38.        Psycodelic
Sounds:  Moaning Laughing (11/4/66) (1:09)





Do You Like Worms
Session (10/18/66)

1.         Do You
Like Worms:
Part 1 (5:21)

2.         Do You
Like Worms:
Part 2 (Bicycle Rider) (1:55)

3.         Do You
Like Worms:
Part 3 (2:43)

4.         Do You
Like Worms:
Part 4 (Bicycle Rider) (1:10)

5.         Do You
Like Worms:
Bicycle Rider Overdubs (Heroes And Villains Part 2) (1/5/67) (0:22)



6.         My Only
Sunshine: Parts 1 & 2 (11/14/66) (6:51)

7.         My Only
Sunshine: Part 2 (Master Take With Vocal Overdubs) (2/10/67) (0:45)


Cabin Essence Session (10/3/66)

8.         Cabin
Essence: Verse (2:14)

9.         Cabin
Essence: Chorus (2:28)

10.        Cabin Essence:
Tag (2:31)


11.        Wonderful
(Version 1) (8/25/66) (2:59)

Wonderful (Version 2 “Rock With Me, Henry”) Session (1/9/67)

12.        Wonderful
(Version 2) (3:25)

13.        Wonderful
(Version 2 Tag) (2:54)

14.        Wonderful
(Version 3) (4/10/67?) (2:41)


15.        Look (8/12/66)


16.        Child Is
Father Of The Man (Version 1) (10/7/66) (4:57)

17.        Child Is
Father Of The Man (Version 2) (10/11/66) (5:38)


18.        Surf’s Up: 1st
Movement (11/4/66) (4:54)

19.        Surf’s Up:
Talking Horns (11/7/66) (3:42)

20.        Surf’s Up:
Piano Demo (Master Take) (12/15/66) (3:52)


21.        I Wanna Be
Around (11/29/66) (3:08)


Vegetables Sessions (4/4/67 – 4/11/67)

22.        Vegetables:
Verse (Master Take Track) (4/4 – 4/11/67) (2:02)

23.        Vegetables:
Sleep A Lot (Chorus) (2:34)

24.        Vegetables:
Chorus 1 (Master Take) (1:05)

25.        Vegetables:
2nd Chorus (Master Take Track And Backing Vocals) (1:03)

26.        Vegetables:
Insert (Part 4) (Master Take) (0:37)





Vegetables: Fade (4/12/67) (5:25)

Vegetables: Ballad Insert (4/14/67) (1:03)


3.         Holidays
(9/8/66) (7:32)


4.         Wind
Chimes (Version 1) (8/3/66) (6:46)

Wind Chimes (Version 2) Session (10/5/66)

5.         Wind
Chimes (Version 2) (5:00)

6.         Wind
Chimes (Version 2 Tag) (2:51)


7.         The
Elements (Fire) (11/28/66) (8:27)


Da Da Session (12/22/66)

8.         Da
Da  (Taped Piano Strings) (1:00)

9.         Da
Da  (Fender Rhodes) (1:21)

Love To Say Dada Sessions (5/16/67 – 5/18/67)

10.        Love To Say
Dada: Part 1 (5/16/67) (1:22)

11.        Love To Say
Dada: Part 2 (5/17/67) (1:57)

12.        Love To Say
Dada: Part 2 (Master Take) (5/17/67) (1:21)

13.        Love To Say
Dada: Part 2 (Second Day) (5/18/67) (2:00)


14.        Cool, Cool
Water (Version 1) (6/7/67) (2:21)

15.        Cool, Cool
Water (Version 2) (10/26/67 & 10/29/67) (3:31)


16.        You’re Welcome
(12/15/66) (6:41)

17.        You’re With Me
Tonight (6/6-6/7/67) (2:46)

18.        Tune X
(3/3/67-3/31/67) (2:18)

19.        I Don’t Know
(1/12/67) (3:03)

20.        Three Blind
Mice (10/15/65) (2:11)

21.        Teeter Totter
Love (Jasper Dailey) (1/25/67 & 2/9/67) (1:49)

Bonus Tracks

22.        Psycodelic Sounds –
Underwater Chant (11/4/66) (1:45)

23.        Hal Blaine
Vega-Tables Promo Session (11/16/66) (1:28)

24.        Heroes And
Villains: Early Version Outtake Sections (1/67 – 2/67) (5:04)





1. Good Vibrations: Gold Star 2/18/66 (The “Pet Sounds”
Session) (7:27)

2. Good Vibrations: Gold Star 4/9/66 (6:57)

3. Good Vibrations: Western 5/4/66 (First Chorus) (2:24)

4. Good Vibrations: Western 5/4/66 (Second Chorus &
Fade) (3:28)

5. Good Vibrations: Sunset Sound 5/24/66 (Part 1) (1:20)

6. Good Vibrations: Sunset Sound 5/24/66 (Parts 2 & 3)

7. Good Vibrations: Sunset Sound 5/24/66 (Part 4) (0:47)

8. Good Vibrations: Western 5/27/66 (Part C) (3:32)

9. Good Vibrations: Western 5/27/66 (Chorus) (3:04)

10. Good Vibrations: Western 5/27/66 (Fade Sequence) (1:56)

11. Good Vibrations (Inspiration): Western 6/2/66 (Part 1)

12. Good Vibrations (Inspiration): Western 6/2/66 (Part 3)

13. Good Vibrations (Inspiration): Western 6/2/66 (Part 4)

14. Good Vibrations: Western 6/16/66 (Part 1) (6:24)

15. Good Vibrations: Western 6/16/66 (Part 2 & Verse)

16. Good Vibrations: Western 6/16/66 (Part 2 Continued)

17. Good Vibrations: Western 6/18/66 (Part 1) (1:10)

18. Good Vibrations: Western 6/18/66 (Part 2) (5:03)

19. Good Vibrations (Persuasion): Western 9/1/66 (1:49)

20. Good Vibrations: Western 9/1/66 (New Bridge) (3:39)

21. Good Vibrations: Session Masters (6:13)

22. Good Vibrations: Single Version Stereo Track (3:49)

23. Good Good Good Vibrations (First Version With Overdubs)
3/66 (3:41)

24. Good Vibrations: Alternate Edit 8/24/66 (3:32)




Double LP

Side One

Our Prayer


Heroes And Villains

Do You Like Worms
(Roll Plymouth Rock)

I’m In Great Shape


My Only Sunshine (The Old Master Painter / You Are My

Cabin Essence

Side Two


Look (Song for Children)

Child Is Father Of The Man

Surf’s Up

Side Three

I Wanna Be Around / Workshop



Wind Chimes

The Elements: Fire (Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow)

Love To Say Dada

Good Vibrations

Side Four

You’re Welcome – Stereo Mix

Vega-Tables – Stereo Mix

Wind Chimes – Stereo Mix

Cabin Essence – Session Highlights and Stereo Backing Track

Surf’s Up – Session Excerpt and Stereo Mix


Two 7″ singles

Heroes And Villains “Smile” single           
Vega-Tables single

A side:  Heroes And Villains Part
One           A side: Vega-Tables

B side:  Heroes And Villains Part
Two           B side: Surf’s



The SMiLE Sessions
(2LP vinyl)

Side One

1.  Our Prayer

2.  Gee

3.  Heroes And Villains

4.  Do You Like Worms
(Roll Plymouth Rock)

5.  I’m In Great Shape

6.  Barnyard

7.  My Only Sunshine (The Old Master Painter / You Are
My Sunshine)

8.  Cabin Essence

Side Two

1.  Wonderful

2.  Look (Song for Children)

3.  Child Is Father Of The Man

4.  Surf’s Up

Side Three

1.  I Wanna Be Around / Workshop

2.  Vega-Tables

3.  Holidays

4.  Wind Chimes

5.  The Elements: Fire (Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow)

6.  Love To Say Dada

7.  Good Vibrations

Side Four

1.  You’re Welcome – Stereo Mix

2.  Vega-Tables – Stereo Mix

3.  Wind Chimes – Stereo Mix

4.  Cabin Essence – Session Highlights and Stereo Backing

5.  Surf’s Up – Session Excerpt and Stereo Mix




Acid House Kings Meet TV Personalities


Music just sounds
better with Dan Treacy….


By Blurt Staff


Acid House Kings team up with the Television Personalities’
mainman Dan Treacy: together they’ve recorded the gorgeous gem “Heaven Knows I
Miss Him Now” with Treacy on lead vocals and fellow TVP-member Texas
Bob on guitar. The single contains two new recordings and is out on 7″ vinyl
and digital on October 18th via Labrador.


It’s the unexpected followup to the AHK 2011 album Music Sounds Better With You. The band’s
Johan Angergard offers the following testimonial:



I’ve loved Television Personalities for over 20 years
now and it’s still one of my favorite bands throughout all times. I guess the
fact that my other band Club 8 has stolen two album titles from them gives a
hint of my admiration…

Television Personalities are, in my opinion, one of ridiculously few bands
who continue writing songs that are every bit as emotional and ‘now’ as they
were 30 years ago. Just listen to “The Girl In The Hand Me Down
Clothes” and “She’s My Yoko” from “A Memory Is Better Than
Nothing”. If that doesn’t move you, you just don’t have a heart.

Television Personalities continue to be as interesting today as they were
in the beginning of their career. And that is something I dearly wish I could
say about more of my old heroes. Depeche Mode, The Cure…. hell, even Morrissey
is starting to bore me! Dan Treacy is the only one left. It’s nothing less than
overwhelming that we’ve gotten the chance to collaborate with him.


Jack White Vs. Insane Clown Posse


There’s even audio and
video proof, below.


By Blurt Staff


Jack White’s Third Man Records announced today one of the year’s
most unexpected musical pairings…Insane Clown Posse and Mozart.


Back in ’82, ahem, 1782, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote a piece
that’s been left out of the spotlight ever since. The title of the piece is
“Leck Mich Im Arsch” or literally translated to English as “Lick
me in the arse.” You can see why this piece has figuratively been swept
under the rug, and why it’s perfect for Detroit’s


With fellow Southwest Detroit-born Jack White at the production
helm and musical backing by Nashville’s Jeff the Brotherhood, this 2011 version
of “Leck Mich Im Arsch” marries Mozart’s melody (and lyrics sung in
operatic German) with ICP’s lyrical addition in English and Jeff the B’s riffs.
As the label advises, “the whole thing ties together in the most beautiful of



Insane Clown Posse – Leck Mich Im Arsch by Third Man Records


The B-side “Mountain Girl” finds Violent J and Shaggy
2 Dope telling tall tales about a shotgun wedding, meth problems and moonshine.


The limited edition 7″ single and iTunes digital download
of “Leck Mich Im Arsch” will be available for sale on September 13th.
One-hundred Tri-color versions of the single will be available from the Third
Man Rolling Record Store at the MI Fest in Brooklyn, Michigan
on September 17th and another 50 Tri-colors will be randomly inserted into mail
orders dispatched by Third Man Records. 






MP3: Awesome New Edward Rogers Track


Gifted musician channels all of
the great pop tunesmiths while carving out a niche that is uniquely his own.
Listen to “Porcelain,” below.


By Blurt


Without a
doubt one of the most delightful surprises to land on the BLURT office stereo of
late has been Porcelain by UK-born,
NYC-based songwriter and classic pop maven Edward Rogers, who’s been compared
to more than just a few greats. Think: Kinks, Big Star, Zombies, XTC, Beatles,
Housemartins, Left Banke. The album is due out November 8 via the Zip label and
it’s the followup to his acclaimed Sparkle
2010 album; prior to that he issued several other records, both solo
and with the band Bedsit Poets.



Rogers will also be announcing live
dates soon, but meanwhile, we’ve got an exclusive debut for you by way of the
following free MP3:






You can
stream it right now or right-click the link to download. We guarantee this
little slab of powerpop will make your head spin more than just a little…  Rogers
can also be heard every Sunday on “Atlantic Tunnel” on Details on all this and more at his official website.

Report: Rev. Horton Heat/Nashville Pussy Live in Portland



August 27 at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland, Ore.,
it was a Revved-up white trash party par excellence.


By Tim Hinely

Atlanta’s Nashville Pussy may have their legion
of fans but I’m not one of them. The core of the band is vocalist/guitarist
Blaine Cartwright and his guitar playing wife Ruyter Suys (she of the
frizzed-out, kinky hair and plenty o’ cleavage). These two 6-string sleazes set
the tone of the set while grinding out an unsavory brew of Motorhead, AC/DC,
Ted Nugent and Motley Crue. Tonight, though, it translated into a melding of
burned-out riffage, tired rhythms and boring stoner rock clichés masquerading
as lyrics (several of the songs had the words “high” and “drunk” in them). Oh,
and the female bassist, Karen Cuda, has a
of tattoos. Yawn.



Now the Rev has his legion
of fans, but those folks have better taste than N.P. fans and yeah, they do
genuflect at his sideburn-wearin’ altar – Reverend Horton Heat and his crew
deserve it. They’ve been at it for over two decades (bassist Jimbo Wallace has
been there since nearly the beginning, 1989) and on this crisp Saturday night
they did not disappoint. They opened with a batch of tunes off of the first two
records including set opener “Marijuana” as well as “Nurture My Pig” (a Locos
Gringos cover), “Baddest of the Bad,” “Baby I’m Drunk” (off of 1998’s Space Heater) “Big Blue Car” and plenty
more.  After they finished their chronological set list, playing
songs from every album, they threw in “Run Rudolph Run” from their
Christmas album for good measure. After that, he started taking requests from
the audience, playing a wicked version of “Loaded Gun,” the ever popular
“Wiggle Stick” and finishing with “Psychobilly Freakout.”  Then, they encored with “Bales of Cocaine.”



The guy (heck,
all 3 of them) is a real entertainer and a true showman, a heady mix of Vegas
barker, rabble rousing auctioneer and, yes, the sleazy preacher who will have
you believing every word he utters within minutes. Next time Rev and his crew
come to your town bring a date (like I did) and get yourself all gussied up
right (though no Nudie suit for Rev this time). You’ll feel better about
yourself. Oh, and he did say he’ll
be back here for New Year’s Eve. Better start working on your pompadour now,




Los Campesinos! Prep New LP for Nov.


Third time should be
the charm with producer John Goodmanson.


By Blurt Staff


Arts & Crafts will release Cardiff,
band Los Campesinos! New album Hello
on November 15th.  Recorded earlier this year in Girona, Spain by
producer John Goodmanson – responsible for the septet’s previous two albums,
2008’s We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed and 2010’s Romance is BoringHello Sadness features “ten songs of
love, loss and heartbreak… an honest, bare-bones documentation of two people
breaking up and trying not to break up in the process.”


Depending on how you grab the record (it’s already up for
pre-order at the band’s site) you can also be the proud recipient of a limited
edition DVD containing a documentary on the band and a bonus CD called Hold On Now, Youngster… The Demos featuring never before heard demos from the first L.C. album.



The band: Gareth Campesinos! (vocals), Tom Campesinos!
(guitar), Neil Campesinos! (guitar), Kim Campesinos! (keyboard/vocals), Jason
Campesinos! (drums), Rob Campesinos! (keyboard/guitar) and Ellen Campesinos!


Here’s what the label has to day about the record. Track
listing follows.



Ever present are the
wry observations, the razor-sharp wordplay and the band’s varied
instrumentation, combined with some of the saddest, world-weary confessionals Los
Campesinos! have ever recorded. Indeed,
Hello Sadness is wise beyond its years, exhibited not only in the sincerity, poetry
and honesty of its lyrical content, but by the instrumental dynamics of its
songs: a band that previously all put their foot on the accelerator pedal at
once, a key element of their high octane sound, have learned how to take turns
and let each other drive. Yes, things are still loud and upbeat. Yes, lead
vocalist Gareth Campesinos! still tells it like it is. Yes, theirs is still the
perfect middle ground between punk rock, indie pop, Morrissey and The Fall’s
Mark E. Smith. But each instrument has a settled place; each song sounds
incredibly confident in its aim and abilities. The result is a band that has
never sounded more together while detailing the impact of a relationship
falling apart.


At just ten songs and
forty minutes, Hello Sadness is perhaps the first Los Campesinos! album that
sounds lean and pruned, indulgence shorn away and filler ruthlessly
excised.  Opener “By Your Hand” envisions death at the hand of a lover – a
perfect tune for setting the album’s tone and theme into place – while songs
like “Baby I Got The Death Rattle” and “Light Leaves, Dark Sees Pt. II” come
from a raw, uncertain place that, in their confusion of emotions, feels more
authentic than previous Los Campesinos! recordings.  This is bolstered by
the band’s own voices – singing together at least once one every song – as a
unified message of hope, dismay and need.  It’s a confessional feel that’s
intensified in places by whispers of incidental sound – the rattle of rain,
distant radio, the hiss of room microphones – and snatches of Dictaphone,
captured by Gareth in a lonely or introspective moment.  It’s an album
whose very purpose and complexion changed dramatically when, on the eve of
recording, the end of a relationship meant every word that had been penned
before had to be rewritten.  More heart-on-sleeve than ever before,
Sadness is Los Campesinos! at their very





By Your Hand

Songs About Your Girlfriend

Hello Sadness

Life Is A Long Time

Every Defeat A Divorce (Three Lions)

Hate For The Island

The Black Bird, The Dark Slope

To Tundra

Baby I Got The Death Rattle

Light Leaves, Dark Sees Pt. II



[Photo Credit: Jon Bergman]




Incoming: New Dwight Twilley Album


CD synched to a
Twilley documentary.


By Blurt Staff


Dwight Twilley – best known for his iconic hits through the
decades like “I’m On Fire” (1975), “Girls” (1984) and the classic ballad “Why
You Wanna Break My Heart” featured in the motion picture Wayne’s World (1992) – has a new studio album Soundtrack, arriving October 4th on Varese Sarabande.


Twilley signed on to write and produce the disc to accompany
a film documentary about his life, which is now in production. “Creating this
album was a real challenge for me. Something I’ve never attempted. It’s
completely autobiographical. For me these songs are like musical photographs of
the people, places and events that tell my story.” Soundtrack is not an album with all
the best cuts jammed at the beginning, but rather plays like a book that urges
you to read from start to finish.


The new album marks a bittersweet milestone of the end of a
more than 30-year collaboration between Twilley and legendary guitarist Bill
Pitcock IV, who made a significant contribution to the album. Pitcock passed
near the completion of the recording. 


Special guests on the album include Susan Cowsill (The
Cowsills) who contributed her typically amazing harmonies on “Bus Ticket,” “God
Didn’t Do It” and “The Cards Will Fall,” and fellow Tulsan Taylor Hanson
(Hanson) who adds organ and magical keyboard sprinkles to “The Cards Will Fall”
and “The Last Time Around.”


Track List

1. You Close Your Eyes

2. Bus Ticket
3. Tulsa Town

4. Skeleton Man
5. My Life

6. God Didn’t Do It
7. Out in the Rain

8. Soundtrack
9. The Lonely One
10. The Cards Will Fall
11. Good Things Come Hard
12. The Last Time Around



Techno Writer Dan Sicko R.I.P.


Wrote one of the
pioneering journals on the rise of electronic music in the ‘80s.


By Fred Mills


It always hurts when we lose one of our own. Sunday (Aug.
28), electronica/techno journalist Dan Sicko passed away at his home in Ferndale, Mich.,
at the tragically young age of 42. Reports indicate he had been suffering from
ocular melanoma.


Sicko was a contributor to Wired, Urb, Reverb and Rolling
and the author of the classic ‘80s techno/Detroit  study Techno
Rebels: The Renegades of Electronic Funk
, published in 1999 and then again
in expanded format in 2010.


You can make a donation to Sicko’s family to help defray the
gifted writer’s medical costs at a special site that has been

Library Voices in Nude Sleeve Mystery!


It’s no mystery, actually  – just depends on which country you live in.


By Blurt Staff


Eagle-eyed, ever-alert journalists that we are, we couldn’t
help doing a doubletake when the new album from Regina, Saskatchewan, based combo
Library Voices dropped through the office mailchute. Titled Summer Of Lust and issued October 18th
on Dine Alone Records, the album’s stuffed with the band’s trademark upbeat,
all-over-the-map indie rock and will be preceded by an extensive Canadian tour –
and before that, this week in fact, the group – which can number as many as ten
people onstage at any given time – will be doing a string of west coast US dates.
See itinerary, below, and check out a track from the album.


Library Voices – Generation Handclap by Nevado


About that doubletake: the copy we have features a pair of
attractive young hipsters posing in the nude, and while it’s not quite John
& Yoko territory – they are depicted from their waists up, and the gal has
her long hair discreetly draped over her breasts – it’s guaranteed to draw a
few extra eyes when the art turns up on the front page of websites and blogs or
on the walls of record shops. Upon gazing at the press info accompanying the
CD, however, we did a second doubletake: the sleeve art, also reproduced on the
press sheet, showed an entirely different female, this one blonde in the exact
same pose as the redhead. Compare the 2 photos:





The blonde-laden image also appears on the band’s official
page at the Dine Alone websit and has already been published on a handful of
blogs and websites, including and But for
the most part, it’s the redhead iteration that has surfaced thus far on the
web, which left us scratching our heads. Is the band releasing alternate covers
simultaneously (you know, like, uh, Led Zeppelin did back in the day), or was
one sleeve manufactured and then withdrawn due to some unspecified legal
situation (shades of the Vampire Weekend Contra dust-up), or…?


Probably unrelatedly, the wags at the band’s hometown
arts/lifestyle publication in Regina,
Prairie Dog, decided to tamper with
the redhead sleeve by creating an animated GIF:



Settle down, conspiracy theorists. A quick message over to
the group’s handlers cleared things up. We were advised, succinctly, “The red
hair girl was for the Canadian release, the blonde girl cover for US release.
Album is out on Nevado in Canada
and Dine Alone in US.”


So that clears things up – sorta. One lingering question
remains, however: does this suggest that Canadians prefer their gals thin, tattooed  and redheaded; and Americans, busty and


Tour Dates:

Aug 30            Portland, OR   Rotture

Sep 01             Los Angeles , CA
      Hotel Cafe

Sep 04             San Francisco, CA
     Rickshaw Stop

Sep 06             Salt Lake City, UT      Kilby

Sep 16             Saskatoon, SK
           Amigos Cantina

Sep 17             Edmonton, AB
          Pawn Shop

Sep 19             Jasper,
AB       Horseshoe Club

Sep 20             Kelowna, BC
The Habitat

Sep 22             Vancouver, BC
          Biltmore Cabaret (Presented by
The Peak 100.5FM)

Sep 23             Victoria, BC
   Rifflandia Festival

Sep 24             Victoria, BC
   Rifflandia Festival

Sep 25             Robert’s
Creek, BC     The Gumboot

Sep 27             Penticton, BC
            The Barking Parrot

Sep 28             Nelson,
BC     Spirit Bar

Sep 29             Canmore, AB
Canmore Hotel

Sep 30             Calgary, AB
   The Gateway (Presented by X92.9FM)

Oct 01             Regina, SK
     The Exchange

Oct 04             Chicago, IL
    Beat Kitchen

Oct 07             Brooklyn, NY
            Spike Hill

Oct 13             Hamilton, ON             Casbah

Oct 14             Kingston, ON             Mansion

Oct 15             Wakefield, ON           Black Sheep Inn

Oct 18             Charlottetown, PEI

Oct 19             Moncton, NB
Plan B

Oct 20             Fredericton, NB

Oct 21             Halifax, NS     Halifax
Pop Explosion – Seahorse Tavern

Oct 25             Quebec City, PQ
        Le Cercle

Oct 26             Montreal, PQ
Casa De Popolo

Oct 27             Peterborough, ON       Trash

Oct 28             Toronto, ON   Horseshoe Tavern

Oct 29             Guelph, ON    E Bar

Oct 30             Windsor, ON Phog Lounge


Honeyboy Edwards 1915-2011 R.I.P.


Bluesman was a peer of
Robert Johnson and a celebrated performer in his own right.


By Fred Mills


Chicago-based Delta bluesman David “Honeyboy” Edwards passed
away yesterday, Aug. 29, at the age of 96, from congestive heart failure. Media
indicate that he had a weak heart and he’d recently suffered a series
of health issues that, in May, led him to cancel all his concerts for the
remainder of the year.


Edwards was born in 1915 I Mississippi and by the age of 14
was living the life of a traveling musician, performing with Big Joe Williams,
Charley Patton, Tommy Johnson, Johnny Shines – and Robert Johnson. He’s said to
have been on hand when Johnson died from drinking poisoned whiskey, and he told
some of his stories about Johnson in the ’91 documentary The Search for Robert Johnson.


He recorded a number of albums over the years, including
tracks for Alan Lomax’s Library of Congress collection, was inducted into the
Blues Hall of Fame in ’96, and he also wrote a memoir in 1997 titled You Don’t Owe Me Nothing. His label,
Earwig Music, issued an album of the same name, and the book and CD helped
raise Edwards’ profile once again, leading him to be profiled in numerous music
publications and notch a series of music awards over the course of the next
decade. In 2007, he also appeared in the music mockumentary Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story.


[Photo from 2008 by Bengt Nyman, via Wikimedia Commons]