WTF? Julian Lennon’s Beatles Non-News

Droppin’ sum knowledge on da peoples, yo. Meanwhile, the famous
musician continues to accumulate some of the most pathetic fans on the web.


By Perez Mills


Say, did ya hear about that Beatles reunion? Nah, us


Apparently, though, a bunch of shut-ins and obsessive fans
have been putting the notion forward – or so we are told, of “rumors”
of a “possible” Beatles reunion. We didn’t hear jack about those either. C’mon,
kids – it’s ludicrous. Last time we checked, John and George were still very,
very dead. Paul and Ringo have performed together over the years anyway, so
that lone option has already been exploited.


So anyway, for some reason yesterday Julian Lennon posted to
his Facebook page
a note indicating “there will NEVER be a Beatles reunion.”
This is newsworthy? Apparently it is to at least 1,443 people, 498 of which
were moved to comment on the non-news.



You can check out all things Julian at the aforementioned
Facebook page, but be forewarned – 99% of the posts there are from his fans,
and judging from what they have to say, Lennon is badly in need of a moderator.
This is some of the most insipid, I-just-woke-up-and-had-my-coffee blather you’ll
find anywhere on the internet. It’s a shame the dude feels compelled he’s gotta
respond to any of it publicly…








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