Watch Video: Arrica Rose Covers Buggles


Because it is, after
all, a wonderful world.


By Fred Mills


A cover song can be like the old saw about Forrest Gump’s
box of chocolates, but in this instance I trust we have plucked out a delicacy
that’s pure musical MarieBell: a cover of the Buggles’ great – and to some,
eternal guilty pleasure – “Video Killed the Radio Star,” done up in a manner in
which you have definitely never heard. You can check out the haunting video,
premiered below, for proof.


Raise your hand when you get to the interpolation of “What A
Wonderful World”…


It’s by songbird Arrica Rose, whose album (billed to Arrica
Rose & the …’s) Let Alone Sea arrives
August 22 on the pOprOck label. One person handily described it as a Cowboy
Junkies-style rendition, which is apt, but there’s a lot more going on here,
everything from early ‘70s Laurel
Canyon folk to ‘90s
opiated Mazzy Star to some of Lykke Li’s more esoteric and muted wanderings.




According to her label, Let
Alone Sea
was produced by Dan Garcia and was “recorded live to analog tape then layered with
Rose’s sultry lead vocals, Andrew Sister-esque harmonies, strings, horns, and
pretty noise. Arrica Rose coined the name The …’s (“The Dot Dot Dots)
to describe the collaborative nature of her project which evolved from a 4
piece guitar-driven band into an intricate sonic landscape including keys,
mandolin, toy piano, omnichord and more.”


Rose came
of age on the LA punk scene then attended film school and began scoring short
films. Meanwhile, she established her pOprOck imprint to release her own home
recordings, making her national debut with People
Like Us
, followed by La La Lost in 2008.  In addition to her music projects, Rose is
founder and director of I HEART Inc (
an artist operated non-profit that raises money for charitable programs and
organizations via creative projects and events. I HEART’s sponsors and
supporters include Willie Nelson,
Crosby Stills and Nash, Iron & Wine/Sub Pop Records, Rachel Maddow, Jack White, Jesca
Hoop, Jackson Browne, Bird & The Bee/Inara George, Martin Guitars, Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Lady Studios, Radio Hill, Hotel Café and more.



[Photo Credit: Piper Ferguson]

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