Trent Reznor Shares His Spotify Playlists


The Nine Inch Nails
mainman plays personal DJ just for you.


By Fred Mills


Unless you’ve been under a rock this lately you already
heard the news: that streaming service Spotify had finally arrived in America. It’s
available at three different tiers, including a semi-limited free version,
which is what we’ve been enjoying for a few days now. We’ll spare you the
proselytizing other than to note that it’s easy, it’s intuitive, the occasional
audio ads are brief and relatively non-annoying, and it’s got a fucking lot of
tunes at your fingertips, period.


Good preemptive evidence that Spotify will rapidly make
inroads with American consumers: This afternoon erstwhile Nine Inch Nails
leader Trent Reznor tweeted that he was on the service. Even better, he
provided a link to the playlists he had constructed at Spotify.


One is titled “NIN set change 07,” presumably comprising
songs that the band had playing over the PA at concerts. It’s got a lot of
artists that wouldn’t seem all that surprising, such as New Order, Wire, LCD
Soundsystem, Peaches, DEVO, Daft Punk, The Rapture, The Fall (listening to “Cruisers
Creek this very moment) etc. There are a lot of surprising choices too, among
them Can, Lou Reed, Swervedriver, TV On The Radio and Serena-Maneesh, and
overall it’s a whale of a lot of fun to sit there and essentially let Reznor
play DJ for you in the privacy of your own home – he’s got 90 tracks in all.


He’s also got “set change” playlists for ‘09 and ’08 as well
as “farewell.” Another playlist is titled “Current driving music” which is
probably what the name implies – included is an eclectic array of artists such
as Simian Mobile Disco, Tobacco, Wild Beasts, Gayngs and TVOTR; while the “real
men wear parachute pants” playlist features Yaz, Human League, Talk Talk, Soft
Cell, Cabaret Voltaire and more synth-pop and new wave from the ’80s.


Then there are several self-referential playlists: “Definitive
NIN – The Singles” and “Quiet Tracks” plus “Deep Cuts” and “Heavy.” Plenty there
for even the most hardcore Nine Inch Nails fan, programmed by the man himself. Clearly a consumer who takes Spotify and it’s potential, both aesthetically and promotionally, serious.




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