New John Cale EP En Route

With a full-length to follow
in 2012.


By Blurt Staff


The name’s Cale. John Cale. You may have heard of him.


Extra Playful, a five track
EP of brand new material, will be released on 12″ September 27th and
digitally  on September 19th via Domino imprint Double Six.
Here’s what the label has to say about it:

John Cale is forever ready to jump off
the edge and take everyone with him. Extra Playful leaps from Pop’s edge with
glee, freewheeling through springy beats, snaking, shonky guitar lines and
zones of exciting texture that gesture to Cale’s role as a master producer. His
lyrics veer from richly poetic to extra playful; at times it’s as though he’s
having a little word in your ear, which is welcome from a voice as charming and
smart as he is here. He’s asking you to have fun with him, and who can say no
when he’s offering whimsical art rock this fine, beguiling and invigorating.


Well, all right then! Here’s
to jumping off the edge….Meanwhile, Cale will release a full length sometime
early next year on Double Six.

EP tracklisting:

1. Catastrofuk
2. Whaddya Mean By That?
3. Hey Ray
4. Pile A L’Heure
5. Perfection



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