Itals’ Lloyd Ricketts R.I.P.


Was member of
legendary reggae group; pictured above, L-R, Itals members Ronnie Davis, Keith
Porter and Ricketts.


By Blurt Staff


Sad news for reggae fans: original Itals member Lloyd
Ricketts passed away last Thursday in Jamaica. The cause of death appears
to be unclear at this time, and funeral arrangements haven’t been finalized


The Itals formed in 1976 around the vocal harmonies of Alvin
“Keith” Porter, Ronnie Davis and Ricketts, recording numerous albums in the ‘70s
and ‘80s and consistently scoring chart hits in their native Jamaica. 1985
LP Rasta Philosophy also received
international acclaim and was nominated for a Grammy. Around that time Ricketts
was given a prison sentence and, unable to travel, was replaced by David Isaacs


After over 20 years of not being able to obtain a visa to perform
in the U.S.,
Ricketts was finally able to reunite with the group to perform at two festival
shows last month. All three Itals seemed re-energized and very happy to be on
the stage singing such hits from the past as “Give Me Power,” which Ricketts
sang lead on.


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