C&C Dude Robs Pharmacy, Booted From Band


It’s always Monday
morning when the really fun music news comes in.


By Perez Mills


Proof that being in a multi-million-dollar rock band doesn’t
necessarily guarantee you the best drugs arrives this morning via a blanket of
media coverage about yesterday’s arrest of Coheed & Cambria’s bassist on
robbery charges.

As the New York Times and other outlets are reporting, Mike Todd reportedly went into a Walgreens
yesterday in Massachusetts “just hours before his band was to open for
Soundgarden” and nabbed six bottles of hillbilly heroin, er, OxyContin after
showing the pharmacists a noted indicating he had a bomb. Todd, in a further
display of agile brainpower, subsequently took a taxi to the Comcast Center
in Mansfield in
order to get ready for the C&C set.


He was quickly arrested and charged with armed robbery and
possession of a controlled substance. One imagines that going directly to the
most public spot imaginable after committing a felony isn’t the smartest thing
to do unless you are, say, in Slipknot where everyone wears masks onstage.



The band did their set minus Todd, of course, and then made
a post to their Facebook page saying he was out of the band for the rest of the
tour, with Wes Styles taking his place. C&C: “We are surprised to say the
least and will address the situation with Michael after the tour.”


That’s an understatement for sure. The C&C Facebook wall was subsequently awash with sympathetic comments for Todd from loads of fans…


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