Bonnaroo Tops Latest Blurt Poll


Yes, but have
festivals jumped the shark?


By Perez Mills


We polled, you voted, we listened: Bonnaroo is the festivale du choice for the
discriminating BLURT reader. In our last poll we listed a slew of the annual music
festivals ranging from Sasquatch back in late May through Treasure Island that
occurs in October, and by a wide margin, Bonnaroo is the “must attend” event of
the year.


Well, “wide margin” is somewhat nebulous; out of all the
votes cast, Bonnaroo took in 14% of the tally. And then there was a clusterfuck
near-tie for second place, with Lollapalooza, Pitchfork, ATP, Treasure Island,
Austin City Limits and Camp
Bisco all earning in the
7 to 10% range. After that it was a clusterfuck near-tie for third place.



What does it all mean, oh great and powerful Oz? Who the
hell knows! Have festivals jumped the shark, or do people just take ‘em for
granted? We’ll find out next year when we repeat this exact same exercise…


Meanwhile, check out our latest poll, located along the left
margin of the homepage: with a slew of new releases about to drop, vote for the
artist whose upcoming album you’re most looking forward to.


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