Watch Eminem Car Ad – While You Can


Thanks to YouTube, we
can all bask in the glory of Em and his car(s)…


By Blurt Staff


It’s not quite a battle rhymes hip-hop showdown, but it does
make for some reasonable spectator sport: Eminem’s song “Lose Yourself,” the
sonic centerpiece of Chrysler’s “Imported From Detroit” ad campaign for the new
Chrysler 200 – the ad that debuted on TV during the Super Bowl to much ballyhoo
– now crops up in a European ad for Audi AG’s Audi A6 Avant, and the Eminem
camp is trying to put the brakes on the latter.


According to, Detroit-based publisher Eight
Mile Style LLC that handles Eminem’s songs has filed a lawsuit in Germany
alleging that Audi is not authorized to use the music, additionally noting a
distinct stylistic similarity between the two ads. Chrysler apparently agrees,
issuing a statement to that effect, although the latter claim is not part of
the actual Eight Mile lawsuit.


Judge for yourself, below, and better do it quick: Eight
Mile is asking for a cease-and-desist from Audi, which means their ad might get
yanked pretty soon. The auto company has not responded yet.


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