Warlocks Raid Vaults, Unearth Weird Shit


by 1960s-1970s experimental purveyors, these songs are in the vein of Suicide,
Neu!, Can, Kluster, Klaus Schulze, Tim Blake, etc.


 By Blurt Staff


Bobby Hecksher, the mad major
domo of fuzzed-out psych kings the Warlocks has been digging around in the
vaults, it appears. To wit:

“I made this
experimental record a few years ago. It’s called “The Warlocks EXP”
and it was all done in pretty much one day. Pretty much one take. I had been
working this idea for a few years but could never get it down right. One day,
like magic Syd brought me a hand built Oscillator and I gave the idea another
go. Just like that it was all done. I think it came out wonderful. Thank you
Syd. Just put the whole thing on and don’t think about it. Great for well…
err… usage of whatever sort you are into. Dave Katznelson was suppose to put
this out on Birdman but the artwork didn’t get finished on time. Bummer


Check it out at the Warlocks’
BandCamp page.


EXP Tracklisting

1. LSD Heartbeat  5:31
2. Don’t Take My Head  1:39
3. Take LSD  4:45
4. Fry Your Brains  8:52
5. Burn Your Bridges  4:58
6. Burn Your Thumbs  8:02
7. DMT Collage  2:27
8. Waiting For Whatever It Is  5:29



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