Throwing Muses Prep Anthology and Tour

But wait, there’s more
– new album of original material being finalized as well.


By Blurt Staff


Anthology is the
name, and anthologizing late, great 4AD band Throwing Muses is the game. Word
arrives today
that on Sept. 5, 4AD will celebrate the 25th anniversary
of the beloved Boston
post-punk band’s debut album by releasing a two-CD collection of album tracks,
B-sides, rarities and “personal favorites” compiled by founders Kristin Hersh
and Tanya Donnelly.


4AD advises that “track selection eschews most of the
singles in favor of personal favorites, and enjoys a non-chronological
sequence, which makes for interesting juxtapositions and encourages a
reassessment of the music.”  It will be
offered as a limited edition in a hardback book design. See the full track
listing, below.



Hersh was quoted as saying, about the impending release, “It’s beautiful and substantial, thanks to
awesome David Narcizo / Lakuna Design – a chunky, 28 page hardcover booklet and
two CDs – one CD consisting of a hand-selected retrospective track-list by
Kristin, David and Bernard, and on the other the collected B-sides, including
the original Lonely is an Eyesore version of ‘Fish’, the long-lost ‘Hillbilly’ and the original
version of ‘Back Road (Matter of Degrees)’. And yes, the release will be
supported by Throwing Muses live dates.”


Apparently there is also a
new Muses album slated to be released in the near future as well. It was cut by
Hersh, drummer Dave Narcizo and bassist Bernie Georges. You can find some
intriguing audiovisual details on all that at the group’s official website (including
downloadable demos) and their Vimeo channel.


Disc One:

1. Garoux Des Larmes

2. Finished

3. A Feeling

4. Marriage Tree

5. Fish

6. Hate My Way

7. No Way
In Hell

8. Colder

9. Tar Kissers

10. Mr. Bones

11. Limbo

12. Summer St.

13. Furious

14. Bright Yellow Gun

15. Pretty or Not

16. Flying

17. You Cage

18. Two Step

19. Vicky’s Box

20. Mania

21. Cry Baby Cry


Disc Two

1. Hillbilly

2. Same Sun

3. Amazing Grace

4. Cottonmouth

5. Cry Baby Cry

6. Manic Depression

7. Snailhead

8. City of the Dead

9. Jak

10. Ride Into The Sun

11. Handsome Woman

12. Like A Dog

13. Crayon Sun

14. Red Eyes

15. Tar Moochers

16. Serene Swing

17. Limbobo

18. If

19. Heel Toe

20. Take (Live)

21. Finished (Live)

22. Back Road
(Matter of Degrees)



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