MySpace Sale: STILL Grasping At Straws

Desperate to
sell the failing social network platform before Al Gore finally decides to
close down his internet, NewsCorp introduces yet more snooze-inducing features…


Fred Mills


as humans, continue to be fascinated by slow-motion trainwrecks; we’re
hard-wired for it. Factor in something tech-geeky, and we’re like moths to a
flame. And as pretty much anybody knows at this point, the biggest
current/ongoing flameout has to be MySpace – check out this report involving
MySpace and YouTube
for a few choice observations.


a little over a month ago it was announced that NewsCorp, which bought MySpace
in 2005 for $580 million, had put the digital real estate up for sale and was
apparently desperate enough to unload it that taking a $400+ million loss wasn’t
out of the question. (Read “Fire Sale: MySpace On the Auction Block.”) Since
then the scenario has changed somewhat, with Rupert Murdoch not quite ready to
take that much of a bath and NewsCorp now seeking a “strategic partnership” in
the holding.  In order to sweeten the
potential deal – don’t forget that MySpace has been losing money at the speed
of light, with users also disappearing like the proverbial rats off a sinking
ship – MySpace is planning on introducing a pair of updates this week.  reports:


“First is a Web app
that provides more features to fans who use their smartphone browsers to access
an artist’s profile, rather than via an app. Among the new features is the
ability to stream music-30-second samples of major label content, full songs
from indies. The difference between the two comes to rights issues and cost.
Another feature is the ability to save an individual artist’s profile on fans’
smartphones with a unique icon, so they can link directly to the profile.

“Additionally, Myspace is giving artists new tools to access to the data and
analytics around their profile, such as details on content uploaded, recent
activity surrounding that content, organize fan comments and so on.”


Whatevs. Too little, too late, etc. MySpace is dead. An
ex-parrot. Pushing up daisies. Singing with the choir invisible. Try this
little experiment that we tried a few minutes ago: grab a stopwatch or egg timer, go to any random artist’s
MySpace page, and then keep track of how long it takes to navigate between
pages (i.e., how long you have to wait for pages to load, and in some cases how
many times you have to click on a link on a MySpace page before it will move to
that link,  if at all), additionally
noting each time you get “stuck” on a page when, say, you want to navigate to a
previous page using your browser’s “back” button. If possible, do this with a
souped-up browser and using a mega-high speed connection.


Put another way, would YOU buy a used car for $100,000,000,
even one with a new radio and a fresh set of tires on it, if you couldn’t even
get it out of the driveway and halfway down the block?




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