MP3: Tennis Covering Brenda Lee


In Europe
at the moment but headed to Lollapalooza…


By Blurt


When Denver
indie rockers Tennis debuted this past January with Cape Dory all the critics lined up to sing their praises, including
BLURT. Wrote our reviewer, “Rock/pop or not, these two make it work. The
songs snap, bounce and at times swirl away like Mary Poppins. Opener “Take
Me Somewhere” has this nifty middle part where it shifts gears, change
tempos and really kicks into 4th gear while “Marathon”
sounds like what an AM radio station would be playing now if they still played
music, and “South Carolina,” with Alaina’s double-tracked vocals and
that slight hint of fuzz on the guitars, makes for a real nice slice o’ cake. A
bit like She & Him for the lo-fi set (and this isn’t really that
lo-fi).  A Bahama Breeze, anyone?”


The band
has just unveiled “Is It True,” a Brenda Lee cover, and you
can nab it for free with just a few clicks of ye olde mouse:






Moore explains why they chose the cover… “Brenda Lee has been a
great source of inspiration
for me. We stumbled across the song ‘Is It True’, a less popular single
she recorded later in her career and loved it not just for her more mature,
crackly voice, but for the randomly awesome inclusion of a very young
Jimmy Page on electric guitar. The song is such a jam, we
really enjoyed the chance to record it ourselves. Despite the limitations
of recording it on a 4-track cassette, and then  having to mix it in a pinch on an 11 year old
lap top, that crashed regularly, all the parts we love are


 Tour Dates:


07/06/11 – London, UK
@ Cargo

07/08/11 – Kent, UK @ Lounge on the Farm Festival

07/09/11 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
@ Bitterzoet

07/11/11 – Munich, Germany
@ 59:01:00

07/12/11 – Berlin, Germany
@ Magnet Club

07/14/11 – Hultsfred, Sweden
@ Hultsfred Festival

07/15/11 – Copenhagen, Denmark
@ Littlevega Bar

07/16/11 – Helsinki, Finland
@ Tavastia

07/19/11 – Paris, France
@ La Maroquinerie

07/20/11 – Bordeaux, France
@ Le Saint Ex

07/21/11 – Barcelona, Spain
@ Apolo 2

07/23/11 – Moscow, Russia
@ Afisha Picnic

08/05/11 – Chicago, IL
@ Lollapalooza


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