MMJ, Phosphorescent, Neko Do Tornado Benefit


Band Will Play at Tuscaloosa Amphitheater on Friday, August 19th; Proceeds
go to United Way
of West Alabama. Tickets onsale June 17 via Ticketmaster and the box office.


By Blurt Staff


On Friday, August 19th My Morning Jacket, Neko
Case, and Phosphorescent will play a fundraiser at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater
to benefit United Way
of West Alabama.  The money raised will
go towards tornado relief in Tuscaloosa,
Alabama, which is still in
recovery after being struck by a devastating twister less than two months

Statement from My Morning Jacket’s Jim James:
“My Morning Jacket is honored to be given an opportunity to do our
part in

helping the folks of Tuscaloosa cope with this tragedy and for us, it is a
reminder of just how close we all are as people and how important it is
for us to come together in times of trouble.  Life is a crazy
journey and

you never know what the next day may bring.  We all need each
other to

help make it thru.’

Statement from Neko Case:
“When I saw footage of the tornado destruction my heart broke. But I’m
also SO inspired by all the coverage of people helping each other though the
tragedy, be it selfless acts of bravery or just sending what little they can. I
want to help too. Humans are amazing creatures when we stick together! I love
us! “

Statement from Phosphorescent:
Phosphorescent was on tour when the news reached me about the Alabama tornados. Alabama is my home state and we were in San Francisco and it was two full days of
worry before I could get through on the phone lines and reach my family. I am
very lucky to have found out that they were all ok and it is devastating to
think of all the people who weren’t as lucky. Since then I have been racking my
brain to find a way to help or to set up a benefit or figure out anything we
could do. It means the world to me that the My Morning Jacket boys were
thinking along the same lines and that they reached out to Phosphorescent and
that we can get down there to Tuscaloosa and lend a hand. Alabama, this one’s for you. Love, Phos 



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