Lingua Musica/Blurt Say: Jon Dee Graham!

Taped Sunday, June 5, at the Grey Eagle club in Asheville, NC.


By Fred Mills


Here’s a good ‘un you should check out: Joe Kendrick, host of the Lingua
Musica web show, interviewing Texas legend Jon Dee Graham and Sam Baker about
their current American tour. (Don’t miss the unexpected on-camera arrival of a
very special guest.) It was filmed by Jesse Hamm with ace technical assistance
by Scotty Robertson.



Details on the tour itinerary and more can be found at Graham’s official


The videotaped conversation marks the latest in the recently-launched Lingua
Musica Interviews series and we’re looking forward to many more in the very
near future. (Previous installments include Dehlia Low, Ryan Montbleau, Joe
Krown and Brian McGee.) BLURT is a proud co-sponsor of Lingua Musica and you can
expect to see our on-camera participation at various points to boot (you have
been warned). Please visit the website, and meanwhile, check out the



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