E Street Band’s Clemons Has Stroke

Sending prayers out to the Big Man this morning….


By Blurt Staff


Backstreets.com and other media outlets
are reporting that Clarence Clemons, iconic saxman for Bruce Springsteen &
the E Street Band, is “in better condition than anyone expected” following a
massive stroke yesterday at his Florida home. Apparently the Big Man has already
had two brain surgeries, and while the situation was very much up in the air at
first, with Clemons paralyzed on his left side.


A friend of the 69-yeaer old Clemons
told Backstreets,  “Yesterday, it
did not look good at all. Today… miracles are happening. His vital signs are
improving. He’s responsive. His eyes are welling up when we’re talking to him.
He was paralyzed on his left side, but now he’s squeezing with his left hand.
This is the best news we’ve heard since [the stroke] happened – it’s nothing
short of miraculous. The next five days will still be critical. But he’s a


Apparently doctors have advised Springsteen
and his bandmembers that they should get down to Florida as soon as possible.
The E Streeters are not currently touring, and in the meantime Clemons has also
had to weather both spinal and knee replacement surgeries. Most recently Clemons
recorded with Lady Gaga on her Born This
album and also played with her on her American Idol appearance.


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