Black Keys Sue Over Unauthorized Ad


“Tighten up” those wallets, no doubt.


By Fred Mills


Just the other day we got
word about Eminem suing Audi for a European car commercial that reportedly used
his music without permission. Litigation (prompted, perhaps, by ballsiness) is
in the air: yesterday, reported that the Black Keys are suing
over the unauthorized usage of their song “Tighten Up” in an ad for New Jersey’s Valley
National Bank. You can see the band’s original video for the song, below.


The suit claims, “For at least a two-week period in
February 2011 coinciding with the period leading up to and the aftermath of the
2011 Grammy Awards, the [Della Femina] Agency and VNB knowingly created and ran
a television commercial incorporating significant portions of [Tighten Up] without
having sought or obtained a license from Nonesuch to do so.”


Nonesuch is the band’s record label, which additionally told
Billboard that they had sent out cease and desist letters to the ad agency “but
their requests were ignored.”




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