Bad Idea: Brian Wilson Biopic


Boy meets girl. Girl
breaks up with boy. Boy forms band. Boy quits band to sit in sandbox. Boy
recovers from mental illness and becomes cultural icon. End of story.


By Fred Mills


The New York Times reports: “An independent production company is preparing a biographical film
about Mr. Wilson, the troubled pop music genius and creative force behind the Beach
Boys. River Road Entertainment, which has previously produced features like The Tree of Life and Fair Game, said… its film would ‘take an
unconventional look at Wilson’s unique musical process as well as his struggles
with mental illness, and how he managed to persevere as an artist with the love
and support of his wife Melinda.'”


Uh-huh. Given that the company has “secured the musician’s
life rights” to make the film, sounds like it will be a whitewash job. Oren
Moverman is scheduled to write the screenplay. Who the fuck is Oren Moverman?
No title, release date or proposed actors have been announced yet.


Seriously, though, do we have to go through this all over
again? There have already been two very serviceable stabs at tackling Wilson
and the Beach Boys – this was before such treatments were called “biopics,” of
course. But in all honesty, if you’ve seen 1990’s Summer Dreams: The Story of the Beach Boys, (which was based on the
excellent biography by Stephen Gaines, Heroes
and Villains
, and reportedly incurred the wrath of the Wilson camp for, uh,
telling the truth), or the 2000 mini-series vehicle The Beach Boys: An American Family, or any number of official and
semi-official Wilson/BB documentaries out there, there is literally nothing
left to say on the subject.



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