Al Lover: Garage Into “Strange Hip-hop”


you see the roster of artists who go under the San Francisco producer’s scalpel.


By Fred Mills


What do Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees,
Jeff the Brotherhood and Davila 66 – and several others – have in common, other
than being cutting-edge acts at the forefront of the contemporary underground nu-garage/psych


They have all been
sampled/remixed/reconstructed/rewired by San Fran producer Al Lover as part of his Distorted
Reverberations project in which the artists are liberally sampled “and turned into strange
instrumental hip-hop.”


That’s for sure, as one
listen to the music, offered by Lover as a free download of Al Lover’s Distorted Reverberations of
Reverberating Distortion: Psychedelic Reinterpretations of Contemporary Rock ‘n’
Roll –
and as YouTube audio clips – at his Cool All Over website, will
testify. This is seriously twisted, uneasy listening – and absolutely




According to the producer, “The
idea behind the project is to take this current music and rework it into
something entirely different while at the same time siting the source material
directly, helping to create extended community within the underground music scene.”


To that end, the aforementioned
videos will allow listeners to directly access the source material via the
“related video” function on YouTube. Also provided are links to the
artists and labels so that can order the original albums


“Permission to sample the material
was given by all the artists,” adds Lover.





Natural Child – White Man’s Burden

Shapes Have Fangs – Terlingua

Thee Oh Sees – If I Stay Too Long

White Fence – Sticky Fruitman Has Faith

King Tuff – Sun Medallion

Jeff The Brotherhood – Hey Friend 

Ty Segall – Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart

Davila 666 – Yo Seria Otro

Night Beats – H-Bomb

Moonhearts – I Can Go On


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