About that Sun Ra Box: It’s 30 CDs Now…


Compiler wisely opts to get into “assemblage stage”…

By Fred Mills

Sharp-eyed readers will recall that news item we ran a couple of weeks ago about a massive 14-CD Sun Ra boxed set that was due soon as a joint effort between the Transparency record label and the Sun Ra Music Archive. Today word arrives from the Archive’s Michael D. Anderson, who’s been spearheading the project, that the box has now expanced to encompass a whopping thirty – count ’em, 30 – discs.

“I had to stop adding things,” writes Anderson, in an email, “so I could finally get to the assemblage stage of this micro-detailed presentation.”

We are sure all fellow Ra fans are in a combined state of shock and bliss right about now…. We’ll keep you posted on update. Go here to read the original news item with details about the box and to view a video EPK about it.


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