Tupac Not Dead Yet!

Controversial rapper
reportedly had “simply retired from da game” and had taken a position with the
janitorial service that cleans the PBS offices’ New Zealand bureau.


By Perez Mills


It’s been a shitty weekend for the folks at PBS: according
to a report at CNN, online activist group The Lulz Boat “pirated the PBS
website and posted a false story claiming the rapper Tupac Shakur — who has
been dead for almost 15 years — is alive and living in New Zealand.”
In addition to that whopper, the fake news report suggested that Biggie Smalls
(who is equally dead) had been living in a small town there as well.


The hack attack came after the network broadcast the
documentary “WikiSecrets” last week on their “Frontline” program. Apparently
displeased by the coverage, The Lulz Boat decided to take action. They are
quoted as saying “[We] decided to sail our Lulz Boat over the PBS servers for
further… perusing.”


Read the full report here. Meanwhile, this just in: we saw
Jesus at McDonald’s at midnight, and he was having fries and a shake with



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