The Very Best Offers Mom’s Day Mixtape

Aptly titled free mixtape Super Mom celebrates African
music and the contemporary dance scene – sign up for the download at the link


By Blurt Staff

A message from Malawi-London multi-culti
mashup masters The Very Best (aka Esau Mwamwaya and Radioclit’s Johan Hugo:

We are super excited to finally give you a new free mixtape! We have called it
Super Mom’ in celebration of Africa as Esau Mwamwaya’s home continent and the origin
of mankind and music. It’s also a celebration of every mother in the world,
hence why we give this away to you on Mother’s Day. Please make sure to give it
to YOUR mom; we think she will like it (The Very Best is the only music Johan
Hugo has made that his mom has ever liked!).



Sign up for the Super Mom
– download link will be sent out May 8.

Since the ‘Warm Heart Of Africa’ album in 2009 and the ‘Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit are The Very Best’ mixtape in 2008
(which has been downloaded almost 1 million times to date – Platinum free
mixtape/wp-content/photos?) this journey keeps blowing our minds! Same goes for the amazing
response we’ve had on tour all over the world. From Johan’s homeland of Sweden
and Emaboda festival, to Esau’s homeland of Malawi, and the Lake Of Stars
Festival – to opening for Vampire Weekend at the Hollywood Bowl with Theophilus
London as a special guest. We have had the most amazing time, and we want to
thank each and everyone who has come to our shows, helped us, worked with us,
partied with us, forgiven us or fucked us over! It’s all love and its all part
of this beautiful journey!

With this ‘Super Mom’ mixtape we’ve
borrowed from some musicians, producers, rappers and singers we really love and
admire. (We encourage you to check them all out in their own right if you don’t
already know them.) BUT we’ve also put two original songs on it: ‘Super Mom’
and ‘Ndekha.’ ‘Super Mom’ was supposed to be a song for the next album but we
decided it should be on the mixtape and the mixtape should have the same name.
‘Ndekha’ is our version of a club banger that we did with Moroka. I think they
both show where we been going musically over the last year and a half touring
and working on a new album. Most of this mixtape was recorded in hotel rooms
all around the world. One of our favourite moments must have been recording the
‘Zingolo’ version in our makeshift hotel studio in Sydney, Australia,
in February 2010. In one day we recorded ‘Zingolo’ and our version of Florence and The
Machine/The XX ‘You Got The Love’ and ‘Mulomo’ (our version of Yeasayer’s
‘Ambling Alp’). That’s the day when this mixtape was born. We hadn’t recorded
anything since we finished ‘Warm Heart Of Africa’ almost 2 years earlier, and
it was just one of those magical days.  

Anyway, all we want with this little letter is to thank you all again and
again! The Very Best is a very special project for us and we can’t do it
without you. That’s why we took this chance to be sentimental and grateful! The
next episode starts now! See you soon!


We called in some friends to join and help us create this mixtape and they all
deserve a very special thank you/credit (you should go check them out too!):

Mo Laudi (our right hand man/South African rapper/hype man/dj/producer),
Moroka (English/South African producer/dj), Baaba Maal (Malian/African legendary singer), Macc Mello (UK rapper), Vocal
(Nigerian rapper (see BBC ‘Welcome To Lagos’ documentary)), African
(UK/Nigeria rapper), Mimitah (UK/Congo singer/dancer/rapper
& The Very Best choreographer), BLK JKS (South Africa’s best rock
band turned rappers), Marina Gasolina (Brazilian ex-Bonde Do Role singer
– WATCH OUT FOR HER SOLO ALBUM SOON!), Kudashe (UK/Zimbabwe  singer
from the band Harare), A.J Holmes (from the band The Hackney Empire,
played guitar on Mama), Isa GT (Colombia/UK rapper/dj/producer), Jose
(Congolese singer), Martin Perna, Erik Biono & Nikhil
(the Antibalas boys played horns and guitar on Super
Mom), Delphine Diallo (photographer of cover and press pics, Damien Poulain (graphic designer of artwork Tom De Geeter (web designer who made our website
& last but not least a very special thank you to Etienne Tron, the
3rd original member of The Very Best who left the band to focus on his Secousse record label and club nights after Radioclit split up in 2010. Etienne still
worked with us on the Secousse track (obviously! – it’s a Radioclit track
originally), Eyes Without A Face, Zingolo and Mama.


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