The Cynics Launch Their Spinning Wheel

Still one of the most
powerful bands in the land.


By Fred Mills


Pittsburgh’s long-running
garage kings the Cynics convened last October with Jim Diamond in Detroit’s Ghetto
Recorders and cooked up a brand new studio album. This is no small detail;
those in the know would consider it a summit of the giants. Now comes word from
the Cynics’ label Get Hip that the rec is due in stores June 20, and you can
get a sneak preview of lead track “I Need More” via the tripped-out video




In a press release, music archivist Greg Colton describes
the album thusly:


The new album by The
CYNICS is a spinning, whirling, joyous dance into rock n’ roll’s
traditions and contradictions and has the immediacy of a singular, impromptu
performance.‘Spinning Wheel Motel’ opens with a massive swath of guitar
power.  “I  Need More”  immediately projects the wealth of
musical textures and colors that abound in Gregg’s carefully chosen guitar
chords and Michael’s faux ambivalence.  It’s a smooching kiss to the
industry that gave them a livelihood, idols to worship, and a great big punch
in the mouth.  You focus on the “Bells & Trains” of your insomnia, the
sweet recollections of “Rock Club” revelries, and the pounding chorused puns of
your “Junk”.  The naughty, besotted dog of “Zombie Walk”
might best be swatted with a rolled up newspaper, but when that same dog comes
bounding to you with “Circles Arcs & Swirls” can you
resist?  Before us stands the “Spinning Wheel Motel”. Seen from outside it
seems a humble monument to the weary traveler, but within each mirrored room,
the depths of “Gehenna”.


Well, all we can add is that we saw the band close out SXSW in Austin this
past March and they remain one of the most powerful live acts in the land. Founding
members Michael Kastelic (vox) and Gregg Kostelich (guitars) power the ship,
and as abetted by recent recruits Angel Kaplan on bass and Pablo Gonzalez on
drums, they can still do no wrong in our book.


The album will be available on CD and vinyl, natch, and note
that the LP features artwork with “die-cut wheel spinning images for each song.”
Dig it.



Room 1 – I

Room 2 – ALL

Room 3 – CRAWL

Room 4 – GEHENNA

Room 5 – BELLS

Room 6 – ROCK

Room 7 – CIRCLES


Room 9 – ZOMBIE

Room 10 – JUNK



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