Robert Pollard to Issue Solo Album!


Guided By Voices
frontman takes one small step for Bob, one giant leap for Bob-kind.


By Blurt Staff


Reclusive rocker Robert Pollard, apparently encouraged by
the positive response to last year’s Guided By Voices reunion tour (this year
the Ohio band is doing victory laps at Pitchfork, Northside, Hopscotch and
Sasquatch festivals) and the recent tribute album that came out onRecord
Store Day (it included Pollard covers by Flaming Lips, Lou Barlow, David
Kilgour, James Husband, Blitzen Trapper, Thurston Moore), is set to return to
the spotlight on June 7 when he issues a new solo album.


Titled Lord Of The Birdcage, it will find
Pollard reversing his songwriting process, transforming a dozen previously
written poems into songs. He’s previously never written in this fashion, and
his whimsical, surrealist lyrics take center stage. Lord Of The
 is a subtle record, of mostly steady, relaxed tempos, power
pop, glam chugs, gorgeous ballads and a notable number of 3/4 waltz-time
meters, including the haunting acoustic “In A Circle”, the
frenetic rocker “You Sold Me Quickly” and the lush string-driven
“Silence Before Violence.” Full tracklisting, below.


All it in all, it’s sure to cheer even the neediest
Pollard fans who scour the internet for those rarest-of-the-rare musical
morsels from their hero. Here at BLURT we’ve been steadily tracking the Pollard
oeuvre – just enter his name in the search box at the top of the homepage for
more coverage of the artist.







1. Smashed Middle Finger 

2. Aspersion

3. Dunce Codex

4. Garden Smarm

5. You Can’t Challenge Forward Progress

6. In A Circle

7. You Sold Me Quickly

8. The Focus (Burning) 

9. Ribbon Of Fat

10. Silence Before Violence

11. Holy Fire

12. Ash Ript Telecopter


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