New Best Kept Secret: Butter, from N.C.

Latest pick of cool
emerging artist in our ongoing collaboration with Sonicbids.


By Fred Mills


The BLURT staff put our heads (and ears) together and we
have the latest pick for our Blurt/Sonicbids “Best Kept Secret”: it’s Butter,
from Durham, North Carolina, our 16th BKS selection since commencing
the program of spotlighting new and under-the-radar artists back in 2008.


“Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”: it might be a
purloined lyric – in this instance, overheard from the rock/funk/jazz trio’s
hepcat anthem “I’ve Got Your Back” – but it’s a pretty good summary of the
combo’s musical prowess. Comprising Tarheel indie scene mainstay Brad Newell on
guitar and vocals (raise your hand if you remember the late, great ‘80s college
rock outfit The Graphic; Newell is also a producer, studio operator and film
scorer of considerable note), bassist Ken Vint and drummer Ryan McKellar,
Butter has earned not-undeserved comparisons to Medeski, Martin and Wood, and
word has it that the sonic pulchritude of ‘70s legend Lee Michaels and jazz
virtuoso John Scofield figures heavily in the group’s toolbox of influences.


That cool, WTF?!? musical vibe, you ask? Newell’s guitar, we
are advised, “is going through several devices that mix the
guitar sound with a distorted Hammond
organ sound that we call the “Gorgan”.




We’ll have an interview with the band posted to the site
shortly in which we let them fill you in on all this and more. Meanwhile, check
out their MySpace page
for additional details as well as song samples. They’re one
of the good ‘uns, trust us.




Bands, go to to submit and have us review your materials for feature consideration.



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