Massive Attack & Scarlett Johansson Team Up

“Summertime” – just in
time for summertime.


By Fred Mills


The name of the movie is Days
of Grace
, and the description for the Mexican production suggests
nothing less than, er, soccer noir. (“Mexico City. 2002, 2006,
2010. A cop. A hostage. A wife. Corruption, violence, vengeance. Three
destinies, during 30 days, during three Soccer World Cups. Three ways to fight
in order to survive.”)


Awesome. But the even more awesome news about the Everardo
Valerio Gout-directed indie film, which just premiered at the Cannes Film
Festival, is that Massive Attack and Scarlett Johansson collaborated on the
song “Summertime” for the soundtrack (via the NME).


Johansson, of course, is no stranger to music, having
recorded a so-so collection of Tom Waits tunes in 2008 (Anywhere I Lay My Head) as well as 2009’s Break Up, which teamed her with everyone’s favorite five o’clock
shadow rocker Pete Yorn. More recently, however, she redeemed herself with the
tune “One Whole Hour” for the soundtrack of the Wretches & Jabberers film, so here’s hoping that the Massive
Attack connection continues to up her game.


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