Johnny Marr Prepping 2 LPs, Tour


Also television show
score, possibly more film scores….


By Blurt Staff


Erstwhile Smiths guitarist and gunslinger for hire (Modest
Mouse, Cribs, Neil Finn, Pet Shop Boys, etc.) Johnny Marr is aiming to be the
hardest working man in show business this year, if a report filed this week by Billboard is to believed. While he’s
only released one solo album in his career (2003’s Boomslang), he told a reporter that he’s now set to unveil (a) a
Johnny Marr edition Jaguar guitar via Fender; (b) a new album from his solo
backing band The Healers; (c) a followup album to that one, stemming from all
the material he and The Healers amassed in the studio; and (d) his score for
the second season of David Cross’ British TV show The Increasingly Poor Decision of Todd Margaret.


Meanwhile, he also intends to tour with The Healers in
October, and may also be re-teaming with film composer Hans Zimmer, with whom
he collaborated for the score on (and earned an Academy Award nomination for) the
Oscar-winning film Inception.


Read the full report here.

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