John Walker R.I.P. 1943-2011

As a member of the
Walker Brothers, he helped craft some of pop’s most enduring classics from the ‘60s. Watch one of those classics, below.


By Fred Mills


John Walker (born John Joseph Maus), one-third of the
legendary Walker Brothers, passed away Saturday, May 7 from liver cancer. He
was 67 and living in Los Angeles
at the time of his death.


Walker, of course, initially
formed the band in L.A. with Scott Engel (aka
Scott Walker), and after they moved to London
they hooked up with fellow expatriate Gary Leeds (aka Gary Walker). Once in
England they became mainstays of the British Invasion – despite boasting a
sound that was significantly apart from the predominant Merseybeat (and later
Beatles-powered) sound – and scored hit after hit, including the timeless tunes
“Make It Easy on Yourself” and of course “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine (Anymore),”
the latter an oft-covered number over the years, and a tune that still has the power to bring you to your knees regardless of your age or your musical predispositions.


The group split in ’68, although they mounted a successful
reunion/comeback in the mid ‘70s. Later, Walker operated
his own recording studio in California while
periodically touring England
as part of an oldies package. His cancer diagnosis came last December, although
he continued to perform as recently as this past March and was reportedly planning
on continuing to play live with the band he had put together.


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