Flying Nun’s The 3D’s Rarities Comp Due


From the dawn of indiedom… from
way down under… sheep, even… we give you…


By Blurt


New Zealand’s legendary indie-skronk pioneers
The 3D’s return from the grave next month with a crucial archival release from
the venerable kiwi label Flying Nun. Researched and compiled by Bruce Russell (Dead C) The 3D’s – Early
Recordings 1989-90
exactly that – a selection of tracks from the Dunedin band’s formative years. The
compilation features seven previously unreleased demo tracks, alongside
digitally re-mastered versions of the band’s first two EPs – Fish Tails (1990) and Swarthy Songs For Swabs (1991). 


Done on a porta-studio, many of these unheard demos
were originally recorded for the Xpressway label, and the album also includes a
version of Meluzina
 off the Xpressway Pile Up compilation and the unheard
track The Burrymen. The compilation also
includes a 16pp booklet with liner notes written by Bruce Russell detailing the
history of the band. 


Flying Nun re-released The 3Ds three albums – Hellzapoppin’ (1992), The
Venus Trail
and Strange
News From The Angels
– last year. Early Recordings shows
how this melodically noisy outfit, that went on to influence the likes of
Superchunk and Pavement, all began.


Early Recordings 1989-90 is set
for release in New Zealand
on May 30 and the United
States on June 14. 


In the
meantime, you can preview tracks from the album, including the demo
version of ‘Evocation of W.C. Fields’ at:




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