Flashback:Outsiders’ Time Won't Let Me

R.I.P. guitarist Tom
King, who passed away April 23.


By Fred Mills


News arrived this morning via music biz blog The Lefsetz
(thanks, Bob) that Tom King, guitarist of seminal ‘60s Cleveland band The Outsiders, had passed away
on April 23. According to an obituary at Cleveland.com, King had been ill for a god while and was 68 at the time of his death.


Lefsetz rightly singles out the Outsiders’ hit “Time Won’t
Let Me” as one of the enduring classics of the era. I’ll second that emotion –
first time I heard it as a pre-teen on the local AM radio, I was blown away,
and subsequently found the tune on one of those 2-LP loss leader compilations
that labels like Capitol (the Outsiders’ home) and Warner Bros. used to put
out. Next to my steadily growing pile of Paul Revere and the Raiders singles,
the Outsiders made perfect sense – it was ass-shaking, teen-lust stuff in the
purest sense of the word, and I didn’t even know what teen lust was yet!


By way of tribute, then, here are a couple of YouTube clips.
The first one is the original single (you’ll see what I mean), while the second
is taken from a 1966 TV appearance that features canned music but, apparently,
live vocals. King is the rhythm guitarist. Check out the tune – it’s a great
way to kick off the weekend. Uncle Blurt says so!



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