Blurt Poll Results: Death to Glee!

Other irritants
include Rebecca Black, Kanye West and Jambands…


By Fred Mills


With Fox hit series Glee about to air its 2nd season finale tonight, May 24, it seems more
than appropriate that the results of the most recent BLURT readers poll are in,
and they indicate that the music-themed TV show tops the list of things that
give you folks an allergic reaction.


We asked which among a long list of irritants makes you
sneeze, gag or itch, and Glee was out
front, at 11%, with YouTube songstress sensation Rebecca Black a close second
at 10%. Not to be undone, rapper Kanye West came in third at 8%, although the
fact that he was tied with Jambands is a bit of a head scratcher since there
doesn’t seem to be much correlation. Whatevs!


The rest of the poll results were fairly inconclusive,
although it is telling that Hipster Bloggers, Earnest Singer-songwriters, Rap
and – you guessed it – Gleeks (fans of Glee)
were deemed fairly annoying. See the full results, below.


Meanwhile, vote in our latest poll, displayed in the left
column of the home page: Which summer music festival is a must-attend this year
for you?


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