Big Shock: Hendrix Not Murdered!!!


Whew. Glad to get that
shit cleared up, yo…


By Fred Mills


It’s always a fine day when there’s some Jimi
Hendrix news – or non-news, as the case may be – to report, and today is one of
those days. Apparently, it’s also one of “those days” for half the friggin’
music media in the galaxy, too. Let me explain.


Copy and paste this phrase into your search engine
of choice:


Jimi Hendrix
wasn’t murdered by his manager, says former business partner


Notice how you get something like a zillion hits for
that exact group of words! A Hendrix story written yesterday by Joe
, of musician-centric website, was quickly picked up –
and in many cases, reprinted, excerpted, cannibalized, and even plagiarized – because,
well, after all…. see the first paragraph, above.


And people are worried about spam in their email inboxes.
How about that subtler form of spam known as aggregated news? How often have
you been doing a search for one topic or another and found yourself being
sucked down a rabbithole of hyperlinks that ultimately all lead back to the first
story that set you off on the search initially? (Kinda like that Kurt Cobain
unreleased early demos story that some fly-by-night website published last year…)


At any rate, here’s our “aggregation” of the Hendrix piece,
since we know you’re itchin’ to find out: In 2009 a former Hendrix roadie,
James “Tappy” Wright, published a memoir titled Rock Roadie in which he claimed that Hendrix’s UK manager Michael
Jeffrey confessed in a drunken rant to have murdered Hendrix by giving him a
bunch of pills and booze. The yarn got a lot of press at the time and no doubt
helped move a bunch of books. So this latest twist has Hendrix’s former US manager, Bob
Levine, saying that Wright’s book is a load of bullshit and that the death was –
as any sane person knows, not counting all of you CIA conspiracy theorists out
there – accidental.


See what we mean about a “non-story”? At any rate, here’s
the piece
if you have a few minutes you don’t mind wasting….. but far be it for us to jump on the gossip bandwagon.





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