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By Blurt Staff


First things first: Bloodshot Records artist Maggie Björklund is hands-down our favorite Copenhagen-based pedal steel player. Well, let us
amend that statement: we don’t care where she hails from – Europe, or Seattle (where she hangs out a lot), or Brooklyn
(ditto) – as she has recently become one of our fave steel wranglers, period.
From her recent album Coming Home,
which features a host of musical talent including Joey Burns and John Convertino
of Calexico, to her appearances in March at SXSW, including a wow-the-crowd set
at the annual Bloodshot day party, with her ghostly, Spaghetti Western twangs
and peals of stark melody, she’s got the
As we put it in our review of the album, “the music is



So we’re proud to be part of an online tag-team project this
week, April 25-29, wherein six different music media outlets host a unique
video premiere. The “Maggie Björklund Video-Roll Contest Week” presents six Björklund
tunes and six Björklund videos:


*”Anchor Song” (featuring Convertino, Rachel Flotard, Rusty
Willoughby, Johnny Sangster, Barrett Martin and Barb Hunter) premiered Monday
at Alarm Press


 *”Vildspor” (w/Jon
Auer) Tuesday at Magnet Magazine


*”Insekt” Wednesday at Uprooted
Music Revue


*”Intertwined” (w/Mark Lanegan) Thursday at My Old Kentucky Blog


*”Summer Romance” Thursday at Country Standard Time


*”Coming Home” (w/Mark Lanegan) TODAY, right here at BLURT






And here’s the cool part: Anyone who re-posts, Likes, or comments on the video – via Facebook,
Twitter, and on the hosting site itself – will be eligible to win the new
album. To raise your chances of winning, read through the rest of the
premiere post to find out where the next video will be premiered the following
day. Each song has its own unique draw, and each supporting site offers the
opportunity for one lucky person to win
a copy of Coming


Incidentally, you
can lodge your “Like” vote for the “Coming Home” video over at the BLURT
Facebook page
, or you can head to Björklund’s Facebook page where she’s
also been posting the clips.



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