The Return of Jem & the Holograms!


Of special interest to Dean &
Britta fans: Britta Phillips provided the singing voice of the titular ‘toon.


By Blurt


It doesn’t
happen until September, but all you indie kids who watched TV cartoons in the
mid ‘80s while waiting for the grunge explosion to hit will surely start
foaming at the mouth to learn this: JEM
and the Holograms
is back, in the form of a deluxe DVD set.  Shout! Factory, in association with Hasbro
Inc., will release the long-awaited JEM:
The Complete Series
Special Collector’s Edition 12-DVD box, with all the episodes in their original order and
exciting bonus content that showcases the origin and legacy of the series,
including all-new exclusive interviews with the cast and creators. The 65
episodes of JEM: The Complete Series are collected in a specially designed collector’s box.



highly popular JEM, aka JEM and the Holograms, was a unique
animated series
, boasting elaborate subplots, complex
villains, and a staggering amount of original music, with 2-3 new songs written
for each episode. JEM is the
story of Jerrica Benton, who by day is the President of record label Starlight
Music, and the founder of the Starlight Foundation, a foster home for girls. Jerrica
was left a special gift by her late father, a secret holographic computer
system called SYNERGY that can create realistic holograms of virtually
anything. Using special star-shaped earrings, SYNERGY transforms Jerrica into
the glamorous pop singer Jem. Sharing the spotlight is Jem’s band the
Holograms, Kimber, Aja and Shana, the only people who know Jem’s true identity.
Together they face off against their musical rivals The Misfits (no, silly, not THAT Misfits!) and The
Stingers, and have adventures that take them all over the world. Through it
all, Jem must maintain her secret identity and prevent her enemies from
exploiting Synergy.



by Christy Marx (G.I.JOE, Spider-Man),
JEM featured a stellar ensemble voice cast, including Samantha Newark (JEM and
Jerrica Benton), Britta Phillips (Jem’s singing voice), Cathianne Blore, Cindy
McGee,  Ellen Bernfeld, Patricia
Albrecht, Bobbie Block, Charlie Adler and Michael Sheehan (Rio). JEM aired on television from 1985 – 1988
in wide syndication.


As Shout!
Factory advises us, tongues only partially in cheek, “With its glamour,
romance, fashion and music, JEM attracted legions of fans worldwide. Jem was an idol to many viewers and
continues to inspire passionate fandom today. With her iconic pink hair, rock
star status, a mansion and a gorgeous boyfriend named Rio,
Jem was a beautiful, successful career woman who knew how to rock her glamour
and glitter, fashion and fame.”


Hey, it
beats the hell outta collecting Bratz dolls, ya know? Stay tuned to BLURT for
more JEM coverage soon…



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