Report: Those Darlins Live in Portland


Tennessee‘s finest twang/garage/punksters barnstorm
the Great Northwest, including a stop at Dantes in Portland, Ore.,
on April 10.


By Tim Hinely

Their debut CD came at me in 2009 and it was some nice
country-inflected tunes with a snarling punk edge by three women. Their new
record (Screws Get Loose)  just came out an they’ve added a (male )
drummer. The new record still had the twang but with more girl group-isms (fine
with me) and solid/stellar songwriting (sorta like a Dum Dum Girls for the Nashville set).


Caught part of their set earlier in the afternoon at Music
Millennium but wanted the whole monty – and they delivered.


At times the two guitarists harmonized, while other time the
three ladies did and other times all four of ‘em cooed and it sounded
righteous. They all took turns singing lead during the set and they all seem to
have their personas: the main, short-haired gal had the crazed look in her eyes
and playfully stared down folks in the crowd while the other guitarist, the
tall blonde, was the sultry bombshell. The bassist was like the
sneering/smartass punk chick and the dude drummer, pork pie hat and party vest,
was out for a good time (and it looks like he had it).  They played a healthy dose of tunes from both
of their records and suffice it to say, if they drop by your town, make sure
you’re front and center so you give ‘em your undivided attention.


the BLURT review of Screws Get Loose.





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