Report: Caitlin Rose Live in Portland


April 4 at the Doug Fir Lounge, the Nashville songbird charmed a roomful of Oregon hipsters.


By Tim Hinely

Young (23 year) Nashville
singer-songwriter Caitlin Rose is wise beyond her years. Her debut (Own Side Now) is getting well-deserved
rave reviews and while she is apparently close to a household name in Europe she is barely known here. Hopefully that will all
change soon and if this set at Doug Fir is any indication, she is on her way.


Dressed in a
lovely black skirt and armed with her acoustic guitar, she was flanked on
either side by a guitarist and a pedal steel player (who looked like a cross
between Joey Ramone and one of the Hanson “Slap Shot” Brothers).  Any fears that this sparser lineup would
change the songs subsided by song one, “Learning to Ride” which sounded
beautiful. While musically it all sounded lovely, it was Roses’s booming voice
which is her calling card and in the live setting really gave her a chance to
shine. On her records the vocals are a bit subdued but on stage she lets it fly
and man does this gal have a voice.


Other songs on
the record which sounded ace were “Own Side”, “Shanghai Cigarettes”, “For the
Rabbits”  and “New York.” We didn’t get to hear her Stones
cover of “Dead Flowers” (the name of her 2nd ep) but for the final
tune she played a beautiful solo acoustic version of Randy Newman’s
“Marie.”  On stage she joked about
breaking a nail, feeling like she was in a roller rink (to which the disco ball
suddenly started spinning) and how she noticed few smokers in Portland. The gal is a natural and as
previously stated, she is on her way.




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