Poly Styrene 1957-2011 R.I.P.


Fronted influential
late ‘70s UK
punk combo X-Ray Spex. See video clips, below.


By Fred Mills


Marianne Joan Elliot-Said, aka Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex,
passed away yesterday following a battle with cancer. She was 53 and had been
readying a new album for release – Generation
is out today in the US,
in fact, and already getting solid notices as a welcome return and an engaging
DIY-styled pop dance album.


The big-lunged, confrontational gal behind punk hit “Oh
Bondage! Up Yours!” will always be associate with that tune, of course; her
anti-glamour approach to performance was an inspiration to an entire generation
of aspiring female rockers. She essentially dropped out of professional music by
the mid ‘80s, however, to join the Hare Krishna movement. An X-Ray Spex reunion
in 2008 brought her back into the fold, and by late 2010 it was announced that
she was working on the solo record. (View the video for first single “Virtual
Boyfriend,” below.) Her cancer diagnosis was disclosed to the public just


A tweet posted four hours ago to her Twitter feed reads


We can confirm that
the beautiful Poly Styrene, who has been a true fighter, won her battle on
Monday evening to go to higher places. PSTeam


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